Random pictures..

i have tons of pictures that waiting for me to edit & post but im too lazy to upload since my flickr account is again hit the limit.. im busy doing final editing the photo and video for Rêverie..feel really sorry to my model and those who email me, ask and encourage me about this project i know i have delay it for so long and guess what now? my adobe premier is giving me a headache..it just failed to render a particular part of the video…anyone can help?


anyway above are some pictures i tooks this few month with phone..

#1 random outfit for movie screening with ney and his colleague..unicorn top is love!

#2 we watched Yogi Bear a movie that the boy’s company involve in..we waited to the end for the credit just to wait their names appear on the screen..:)

#3 bit farewell to beloved colleague sophia..she is such a darling sister to me..All the best to you~

#4 cutie issac who always ask me where’s the cat ler? whenever he saw me..the cat in my phone he mean and he told one of the brother im the pretty girl..argh..im so happy!!!jump up and down

#5 random lunch i had after recovered from chicken pox.. i can nvr finish a large set of mcd and this the day i broke my record..and snowflake for dessert!

#6 having socks obsessive- keep buying and looking for socks…and enjoy wearing it to work..keep me warm..

#7 The sims 3 i spend most of my night and weekend on it! so addictive …once i thinking of to delete the whole thing..coz i lost my focus! i have plenty of job should be done…

#8 me, sister and mum in the car trying to act happy.. we have been squeezing in the car for 4 hour to reach Singapore..

gonna be another week working like robot…:)

i wonder how many ppl actually enjoy their job..me?no of coz?

got a job recommendation, i know is my kind of job but am still wondering…

6 thoughts on “Random pictures..

  1. I wish I could enjoy my work. In fact, I was enjoying until some politics happen in the office between bosses and colleague. I found out things are not as beautiful as I thought it was. Sadly, that's the reality.

    Somehow, I wish to run my own business instead of working for people. Perhaps that's a better way to enjoy work :p

    Follow what your heart says about the job offer. Gut feelings often won't be wrong hehe!

    Issac is really cuuuuteee! 🙂


  2. Joanne: politic in office is vy scary…yes dear i have same though as you…running own business
    all the best to u ya joanne
    yes he is really a cutie pie..

    bee: haha me and ur field vy diff..but hope u can found a new job soon k!!!

    ping: updated!!! c c..comment 🙂
    HAyley: hi hayley..thanks! nice day to u too..

    ilyannur: argh..
    anyway thanks 🙂


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