CNY buy

not much pictures taken in cny…im waiting my cousin to pass it to me..
coz i forget to bring my dslr to Singpore..
basically this year dont have cny my family i mean..
watch lotsa cny movie at home, lotsa eating, not much visiting..i spend most of my time the sims and doing design…and now i’m back to work and normal life..
but holiday is never enough! agree no?
but i’m looking forward for my super long holiday after april!!! i had submit my resign letter before cny break..and this time i’m persist no one can stop me or persuade me
no i’m not planing to find another job so soon.. and i dunno how am i gonna survive
but i believe God will provide…i simply believe..
ok pictures time..
again The Gardens and MV my bf favorite hangout place..
bring my family there for movie for the very 1st time!
笑着回家is a great movie to watch at chinese new year..
i dunno why my pictures turn out like that..but im too lazy to r-eupload..
IMG_8531 copy
wearing sweat top with black mesh, highwaist short, h&m clutch & loafer flatIMG_8524 copy
love this top at 1st sign..especially the mesh patch on the shoulder and wa
IMG_8529 copy

IMG_8654 copy
my cny cny feel at all right..
all are dull earthy color..
but i’m super happy with all the purchase!

valentine is next week! how you gonna celebrate with you love one?

12 thoughts on “CNY buy

  1. If I'm not mistaken, the unicorn top is from Forever21 right? Heh, just a wild guess! May I know where did you get your heart-shaped printed top?

    Always love your sense of fashion 😉


  2. Cherish:Thanks cherish! from different different place f21, sungai wang, taiwan and singapore..

    Amee: thanks sweetie!

    JY: hi dear yeah i love it too!got it from sungai wang boutique name dot

    Felice: dear that top is from f21 ..:)

    Joyce: nvm dear celebrate later me too…he gotta work..hehe

    Joleen Chua: haha why u write Joleen: scare i dunno ar..ahah yalo like really finally! hahah come and steal lar!

    nicole: yes dear from f21..:) the top from online de..hehhe

    Joanne: hi Joanne..i wish but im not capable enough to do that..:) thanks for your word dear! you really encourage me!


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