Dong Dong Qiang

Chinese new year in 2 days!
can’t wait to meet relatives and wear all my new clothes..
IMG_8453 copy
got myself little gifts that day for all the hardwork last year after getting my ‘vitamin B’..
as you know im in love with red..and its a perfect to wear red on cny without having ppl staring weird at you..
but dunno why this time i didn’t buy any red top or bottom for cny..*bang wall*
IMG_8465 copy
so boring with my hair already.. hv to change a new hair style after cny..i promise myself
IMG_8470 copy
red hat, checker shirt (bf’s), black knitted top (taiwan), Ripped Denim Short (Queenl La Moss)
IMG_8407 copy
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!
IMG_8446 copy
May God bless you have a safe trip any where you’re heading to..
drive safe and have a great time with your family..

4 thoughts on “Dong Dong Qiang

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