Handmade workshop!

since my workload is more manageable now i start back my design service for blog layout
i always enjoy doing design and css.. it give really great satisfaction especially the code turn out well and my clients are happy with my design
below is 2 of the blog i did for lovely beii who is talented & passionate in handmade stuff..
click the image to visit her blog and another blog that she create for handmade lover like her

basically The Handmade Movement is a medium for you join or conduct a handmade classes
this is one of the classes i found really interesting and special!
a class that teach you how to make nourishing lip balms with the most natural ingredients including beeswax, Shea butter and plant oil!
and the packaging of the lip balms is so cute and vintage like!
isn’t awesome to create your own lip balms?
go visit lvbeii for some awesome handmade tutorial or read about her cute little baby!
and handmade movement to join any handmade classes you interested in!

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