Chic Pop

my 4th chic pop..
IMG_8108 copy
manage to grab few top from ugly duckling my favorite blogshop..
IMG_8112 copy
i love this leopard bag..but too bad when i come back and decide to buy’s gone!
and another pleated skirt i saw.. was thinking i can found a nicest one
but i was wrong when i decide to go back and grab’s gone..
IMG_8130 copy
with cute ping..
thanks for bring the taiwan stuff for me..
IMG_8116 copy
picking some accessories..
IMG_8135 copy
with sweet ketty!
so happy to meet you and spend some times with you!
Thanks God for providing the job for you…gambateh k!
IMG_8118 copy
with pretty jing..
supper love the heel! and wen’s too..
IMG_8133 copy
and awesome jezmine!!
i always enjoy talking with her..she is just so sweet..
IMG_8156 copy
i suppose to wear this pump to chic pop…
but its just so painful! i didn’t manage to walk out of the car park…
IMG_8102 copy
wearing leopard print scarf, crop top, highwaist velvet pant, heel from bkk(brown) & aldo
IMG_8155 copy
favorite picture of the day..
chic pop is a great success!
Thank TIC for the picture..

25 thoughts on “Chic Pop

  1. Thanks for shop with me and get the super cheap pants. haha.
    Will do my job and studies good, hopefully can cope time nicely 🙂
    How many clothes you've bought that day ? After Chic Pop I went to Pyramid and Aldo having SALES ! bought a heels there, so CNY shopping finally completed 🙂


  2. i feel awful too to miss out the chic pop however thanks for the help..hehe..for me i always feel Aldo heels is nice to see but not comfy to dun get cheat by the design..hahahaha…


  3. Ping: ya u really found lotsa good vintage stuff!!

    ketty: small matter! ahha for the pant really funny and so lucky are you!for cny i dun really count..nw mayb 5tops 2 bottom i think..ya i saw u post the shoe pic in ur tumblr!

    joleen: thanks sweetie! i lvoe the pant so much!

    jen: really? thanks jen!

    yvon: ya really high and i cant walk with it!

    joyce: i brought it from my favorite boutique at sungai wang name dot! got 3 color!

    selena: really?! nvr talk u in person yet!call me next time ok!

    cryst: thanks pretty, nvm dear u should arrange to come down for the next one! you will love it!

    shevin: nvm next round ill inform u earlier k! yalo dam sad! i love the color and everything of the heel..but my friend have 2 which is quite comfy she said..haih me no luck!

    vvens: ya its hard to find a high waist which is really fitting some more u are so thin!but for this pant i actually wear belt vy thigh to cover the make it look fit.. otherwise there will be a hole at the back of the pants..

    eva: thanks eva, for the compliment!*red face*


  4. left out rebecca & bee
    rebecca: haha now sure is me right? yes waiting for the next one!

    bee: ya y u din go geh?lotsa nice bag! regret i din brought any that day now i buy online more expensive and hv to pay postage sm more..sad max


  5. shatirah: haiyo sad wei! if i have a chance ill definetly visit ur shop at ampang!!

    megan:white crop top(dainty dresser/online blogshop vy vy long time ago) velvet high waist & leopard scaf ( dot boutique, sungai wang)the tan heel from aldo

    anonymous: thanks! 🙂

    hui wen: i'm paiseh..coz you look busy layan your customer! oh ya dear have you find anyone doing your blog layout for ya? if you dun mind i can help bit here and there ya…


  6. mulan: hello dear. can u guide me, where is your fav boutique, Dot, located at Sg. Wang? Whih floor? Landmark perhaps? I'm really interested to buy your pants. Hope u can help. Thanks 🙂


  7. Mulan: not sure whether the pant still available but for exact place is kinda complicated..erm..
    u knoe there's a korea restuarant thr? opposite is 'apee' if im not mistaken dot located the opposite row of 'apee' and the 2nd shop..
    good luck ya!


  8. Thanks for replied my email kim! i found that you're really helpful in answer any of our (readers) question! you're indeed a very good blogger!keep up the good work! love your blog so much!


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