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IMG_8095 copy
hello outfit post is back
finally i’m free and allowed to go outdoor
first thing i wish to do is to smell the mall & touched some new clothes
even though i brought nothing but i’m happy
IMG_8091 copy
get dressed up and make up
that’s the headband i made in here
i realize i have not been blowing my hair properly for 3 weeks, so freezy and uncontrollable
sickness is eating up my life
God bless everyone healthy and heal those who are in sick
IMG_8094 copy
only when i’m out with the boyfriend
i’m brave enough to post and take picha in front of public..
IMG_8092 copy
but sometimes i’m feel shy when people passed by and give me a weird look
but after seeing these pictures..its all worthy..
IMG_8050 copy
and finally some good food award myself for being cow eating green for so long
IMG_8047 copy
and coffee! i never a coffee person before this
but these few days there’s a sound saying hey you should try coffee its good
hahah i don’t mana datang but i did try
and not bad as what i thought of..
IMG_8055 copy
got this dress at freaking cheap price i cannot believe!
anyone wanna give a guess?
oh ya that’s a vintage bag from a sister at church! she had been seeing me carry brown vintage bag to church every time exactly like what she used to have when she was young
so one day she offered me her bag! its well kept and so solid!she brought a few for me to choose
and buay paiseh me i choose 3 and this is my favorite! thanks sis Cheryl!i’m so blessed!
and its so solid and hard i can throw at thief/bad guy/anybody, surely they will pengsan!
IMG_8063 copy
was a rainy night..cannot stop me from going out
IMG_8081 copy
eat and smell rain
IMG_8068 copy
in love with heels these days
i have another 2 platform heel that i never wear it out!
i cant stand the awkwardness & pain before step outta house
every time i will turn back and change to flats that never fail me
IMG_8075 copy
even this pair is killing me after 2 hour of walking
IMG_8015 copy
suddenly though of what a sister told me last year
fashion itself is good depend on how you treat it, don’t let it be your burden but if you are passionate with it then glorify God
touched my heart

super long post
you like big pictures?no? let me know ya, thanks!

21 thoughts on “Full page

  1. i love big image! you look so stylish and all the photos look so naissss!

    personally love the photo of you with cream on mouth! it's cute and you look so naturally happy!


  2. Glad that you're recover Kim ! Been busy with my project sorry not text you when you're sick. You still look great even after a chic pox war. =p
    Btw, I found a job ! Hope to share with you more ! Are you going to Chic Pop later ? 🙂


  3. Joleen: thanks joleen your word always encourage me a lot!!!haha that one act cute de hahah
    too expensive ur guess!hahha RM25 nia!

    Joyce: yes joyce!! RM25! genius! u saw it sm whr? i think i saw u today at chic pop..but sorry i paiseh say hi..

    sharon: thanks dear..u can do it! just be yourself! its fun!

    anonymous: tqvm!

    janet: hello Janet,ya she really encourage me! i still trying my best to achieve that and finding way do my best for him..

    june: noted june! will feed you will hug pictures..hehe thanks so much..all credit go to my bf..

    ketty: its ok dear..im fine d! so sad i saw this now..haha but Thanks God we met at last!hahha brought a lot after that? praise God for your job too! He will provide! remember find a balance oh dun over work urself!

    sam: haha i know what you mean but this headband i made meant to be wear like tat.. thanks for ur feedback anyway! 🙂


  4. Hello..u look stunning in that outfit. May I know where did u buy your lace dress & drap jacket? 🙂

    *Trend Report, pls sell both! ;)*



  5. heheheheh lucky u din get offeneded with my comment. maybe a lighter color / pastel color would be better to wear it this way.. 🙂 love yr outfits


  6. anonymous:the lace dress from times square & chiffon jacket brought some times ago from online boutique which i forget the name so sorry ya dear

    i wish to sell smth similiar at TR too but too bad supplier here kinda disapointing lately…

    joyce: ya it from ts too..hehhe next time i promise next time i wun be so paiseh d..

    nat: i brought it online laast year from here http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fashion-Barrage/104858699097 believe this heel is off rack d..
    but their heel/pumps are nice and affordable..u can hv a look ya

    eva: yea noted pretty eva! i look those big picha in ur blog too!

    sam:of coz not..:) thanks for the feedback anyway!


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