Nice Stuff III

im recovered! Thanks God!
despite the sudden headache and high body temperature
all the pox are died up
below are some stuff i wish to share
handmade stuff
1. cotton headband..
2. high waist bandage skirt
stuff copy
skin care & cosmetic stuff
1. Biore make up remover- xiaxue’s advert really convincing! so tempted to buy after reading her post..but it was true! so good and clean..
2. Shishedo’s eyelash curler
colleague got it for me from hong kong sasa so cheap and so curl i like it so much!
3. laura mercier liquid foundation primer and tinted moisturizer
i use it as my base and foundation..and throw away all my bb cream
4. ethereal hydro soothing mist
brought it from at the beauty salon i do facial coz its contain 破尿酸
this is what i eat when i fall sick
1. macaroni with potatoes & tomatoes
2. apple salad with steam potatoes
3. macaroni soup
i feel so healthy eating these..and a cow as the same time

Happy Holiday & Thaipusam!

4 thoughts on “Nice Stuff III

  1. hey kim,
    i got a shiseido eyelash curler from taiwan too… but i still prefer shu eumura's curler and it was the best i think. mayb can try out next time ya 😛

    btw, i was just thinking to purchase laura mercier secret finish this evening when surfing the net. so how is the foundation n tinted moisturizer works on u? mind to share?

    thanks! 🙂

    have a nice day!


  2. Hi cream
    i never try shu umura's curler! okok will try it definetly! hehe.. its work really good! love the tinted moisturizer the look so natural and i dun need to apply any liquid foundation or compact powder..and long lasting yet not oily at all!!

    hv a great day too dear.


  3. Hi. Do you mind to let me know where can i get these laura mercier liquid foundation primer and tinted moisturizer?

    Interested to get it for myself but no idea where to get it. Please help! =p



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