Christmas Carolling

since im so free so gonna rajin blog abit
anyway im too sick to do other stuff too.. fever on and off nvr recover since last Saturday..
i can sleep 1 whole day if i dun have to get up for medicine..
Thanks God chicken pox do not spread that i only have to overcome the itchiness
IMG_0644 copy IMG_0786 copy
this year Christmas is different because we usually go to church on Christmas eve for Christmas services
but this year we go friend & family’s place for caroling!
its awesome and meaningful..we are trained by our very pro choir teacher to share the joy of the birth of our savior..
IMG_0703 IMG_0895
we visited 3 houses…that having party at that time..
we have great time sharing, singing and a lot of makan as well
IMG_0675 copy
and bro Adrian shop too
our happy face~
Thanks God we had a great night!

because of You we are united because of You we sing praise and celebrate Christmas..
Thanks you Jesus Christ!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Carolling

  1. Bobo Stephanie: Hello pretty! hahaha yes Adrian seow and cheryn!They are cute and funny couple! yes indeed small small world!

    abigail: Thanks dear..i attend CDPC (City Disciple Presbyterian Church)Chinese service..wht abt u?

    Joleen: Thanks sweetheart! 🙂 hugz


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