Buffet crave

Impiana KLCC Toka bean Cafe
Buffet dinner
its actually my mum’s company annual dinner..
IMG_7630 copy IMG_7603 copy
the oyster is awesome..super fresh and nice..i want more every time i look at the pic!
didn’t take much pic of the food..too busy eating
the dessert are average good too! but we were to full to enjoy it..
nothing really impressive coz not much choice
IMG_7668 copy IMG_7667 copy
playing with my leopard scarf
IMG_7626 copy IMG_7632 copy
that’s the day i started to fall sick..
IMG_7650 copy IMG_7651 copy
wearing knitted top-taiwan, leopard scarf-sungai wang, black sheer thigh and fridge ankle boots-taiwan
IMG_7661 copy

Corus Hotel Komura Ala Carte Japanese
Buffet Lunch
DSC04946 copy DSC04933 copy
the food are really fresh..especially the shashimi without any frozen taste at all
DSC04935 copy DSC04950 copy
again im just lazy to take all the food pic it’s the boyfriend’s job
everything is nicely done, the beef is good too..but we ordered way too much than we think we can handle..ended up wasted and getting fear of sushi and Japanese thingy the end of the lunch!hahah my cousin promise will not ask for Japanese food at least a month..*overdosed*

DSC04924 copy

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