Pak Tor Day

usual dating day with boyfriend
i miss dating with girls bila mau jumpa?hehhe sharon bila mau tea?
IMG_7558 copy IMG_7555 copy
IMG_7556 copy IMG_7557 copy
this is what we normally do
after visit all the stores that i usually shop
we will find a place for a drink or food
pavilion chattime is my current favorite place
IMG_7547 copy IMG_7540 copy
sing k once in a blue moon
the boyfriend dun enjoy this so much i prefer to go with we can sing together
IMG_7550 copy
movie is a must whenever there’s nice movie screening my bf will never missed it
so i just follow but ill not go for horror & action movie
IMG_7583 copy IMG_7580 copy
sometimes we are in matching outfit
IMG_7582 copy
IMG_7587 copy
IMG_7588 copy
Dressroom bat-wing crop top: bazaar, black bandage skirt, sheer polka dots thigh, lace up flat
IMG_7590 copy
our ‘tajam’ shoe hehe..

what you do when you go dating with love one?!? share with me..


13 thoughts on “Pak Tor Day

  1. Ping: ok deal!wanted to ask u that too! booked u ya!

    eva: thanks!!hehehe
    yalo that's most couple do de..

    anonymous: haaha i dunno who is him but after a little little bit ppl is much much more handsome lo

    joleen: hahha sure bila u can ler?pm me lar!hahah


  2. awh very sweet couple! envy!
    i like your matching outfit, u n bf.
    i also dun like horror and action movie, i prefer drama or comedy hahaha


  3. bee: yes of coz is you!!! nobody else!haha my fault i should hv write bee..okok! noted any sat and sun for me too!!!

    agnes: thanks!

    peiyun: haiyo no nid envy u also can! hehe
    really gimme five! 🙂 hugz


  4. I love your outfits and you guys look so happy.

    Btw been finding for a cambridge leather bag like ney's for ages. where did he get his from 😦


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