ohai 2011

hehe i know this is rather outdated post
Christmas passed week ago..but still wanna post this i dun care..
went to 1u just for their awesome Christmas deco..
IMG_7516 copy
how you spend your new year eve?
we choose to have a great meal to ended last year..no count down no party.. we are old like tat..hehe
IMG_7508 copy IMG_7518 copy
just cant get over the red obsession! so red’ish i love!
IMG_7507 copy IMG_7514 copy
tomorrow gonna be 1st day of working day in this brand new year
its gonna be awesome and excited! because i’ve made a decision to…. hehe
i should have ended this earlier but reality is cruel.. i need to earn a living..i have car loan to pay every month, i have commitment and i need to save..
anyhow i choose to submit everything to God in exchange of peace in mind and soul..
i feel stress up and disappointed especially this month..i found pointless and hopeless to continue such a life
i’m not me i’m a robot at work.. feeling fear every morning..worrying what will i face today at work
i scare that fake personality people have in corporate world.. i just cant handle all this
i keep blaming myself.. i’ve made a worst decision to stay.. i can change nothing because i’m simply nobody…
i hate to complain so much i hate to occupied my time with my love ones non-stop complaining and grumbling
i just wish to stop all this nonsense and have my life back
-full stop-

btw i’m pretty sure Happy kim gonna be back very soon!
never been so looking forward to work like today…
i think this should be a very good start for me in this 2011
have a great year ahead, pretties~

9 thoughts on “ohai 2011

  1. Cheers babe! I'm sure God has His own plan in ur life. Since you have decided to commit to God. He will plan everything. Maybe you could think it this way > every problem & things that made us angry etc, would help us to become a better person. When I face something similar in my job, I will think this way. Of coz I will feel better. and You will definitely gain something from there. Take k and God bless ya 🙂


  2. awwww ~ new background 🙂 nice ! always feel comfortable when step-into ur bloggie ♥

    hmmm ~ anyway , wish u happy 2011 ! and , all the best ya 😀


  3. hai Kim!
    really like your outfit!
    black and red and black and red 😀

    be strong girl. just remember that u have a great boyfriend, family, and friends beside u and of course GOD.

    waiting for the happy Kim!!


  4. Trinie: Thanks dear

    Yvon: Thanks so much!!! yes i always try to think everything is under God's plan and protection but sometimes i just feel weak mentally..yes you're right! i should take it as a lesson to learn from

    bee: at 1u my dear..u vy near only u din went mah?

    amee: awh great to heard that!

    anonymous: thanks so much!

    rsn: thanks! u too ya nana trust God in everything and everyday..:)

    anonymous: i brought it sm times ago online (peep boutique)

    peiyun: hello dear peiyun! heheh thanks so much for the compliment and words! u remind me that i'm really blessed..:)
    thanks girl!


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