Dong Dong Qiang

Chinese new year in 2 days!
can’t wait to meet relatives and wear all my new clothes..
IMG_8453 copy
got myself little gifts that day for all the hardwork last year after getting my ‘vitamin B’..
as you know im in love with red..and its a perfect to wear red on cny without having ppl staring weird at you..
but dunno why this time i didn’t buy any red top or bottom for cny..*bang wall*
IMG_8465 copy
so boring with my hair already.. hv to change a new hair style after cny..i promise myself
IMG_8470 copy
red hat, checker shirt (bf’s), black knitted top (taiwan), Ripped Denim Short (Queenl La Moss)
IMG_8407 copy
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!
IMG_8446 copy
May God bless you have a safe trip any where you’re heading to..
drive safe and have a great time with your family..

Handmade workshop!

since my workload is more manageable now i start back my design service for blog layout
i always enjoy doing design and css.. it give really great satisfaction especially the code turn out well and my clients are happy with my design
below is 2 of the blog i did for lovely beii who is talented & passionate in handmade stuff..
click the image to visit her blog and another blog that she create for handmade lover like her

basically The Handmade Movement is a medium for you join or conduct a handmade classes
this is one of the classes i found really interesting and special!
a class that teach you how to make nourishing lip balms with the most natural ingredients including beeswax, Shea butter and plant oil!
and the packaging of the lip balms is so cute and vintage like!
isn’t awesome to create your own lip balms?
go visit lvbeii for some awesome handmade tutorial or read about her cute little baby!
and handmade movement to join any handmade classes you interested in!

Chic Pop

my 4th chic pop..
IMG_8108 copy
manage to grab few top from ugly duckling my favorite blogshop..
IMG_8112 copy
i love this leopard bag..but too bad when i come back and decide to buy’s gone!
and another pleated skirt i saw.. was thinking i can found a nicest one
but i was wrong when i decide to go back and grab’s gone..
IMG_8130 copy
with cute ping..
thanks for bring the taiwan stuff for me..
IMG_8116 copy
picking some accessories..
IMG_8135 copy
with sweet ketty!
so happy to meet you and spend some times with you!
Thanks God for providing the job for you…gambateh k!
IMG_8118 copy
with pretty jing..
supper love the heel! and wen’s too..
IMG_8133 copy
and awesome jezmine!!
i always enjoy talking with her..she is just so sweet..
IMG_8156 copy
i suppose to wear this pump to chic pop…
but its just so painful! i didn’t manage to walk out of the car park…
IMG_8102 copy
wearing leopard print scarf, crop top, highwaist velvet pant, heel from bkk(brown) & aldo
IMG_8155 copy
favorite picture of the day..
chic pop is a great success!
Thank TIC for the picture..