USS Adventure!

Universal Studio Singapore!

IMG_0243 copy IMG_0250 copy
picture with the spot is a must!
have to wait so long to get a nice spot to take pictures here…
IMG_0252 copy IMG_0269 copy
loving my new hats!
camwhore while waiting to enter the theme park!
IMG_0277 copy
im so matchy with the popcorn kiosk huh..
IMG_0312 copy
1st station- New York City
IMG_03072 IMG_03082
classic landmark of new york
IMG_0313 copy
very familiar scene!
IMG_0298 copy IMG_0294 copy
new york streets
IMG_0292 copy IMG_0295 copy
with Charlie Chaplin and Betty Boop
IMG_0344 copy
Ancient Egypt
Revenge of the mummy is the coolest ride ever!!!
i love the sudden reverse though i scream like nobody business…
if the queue wasn’t so long i would go for second ride!
The Lost World-Jurassic Park
IMG_0409 copy IMG_0424 copy
we spend almost 2 hr for a 30min lame ride!! so crazy…
we missed the water world ride..sad!!!
IMG_0443 copy IMG_0458 copy
Far Far away land! where Shrek and the rest of the fairy tales lives!
love the setting here!!! so dreamy..
4 D movie is worth watching!
IMG_0483 copy
last stop Madagascar!
their live show are so cute!!! King Julian is so cute!
before we left its started to rain since we still have some souvenir voucher with us..
we brought USS rain coats..
IMG_0485 copy
i’m wearing kids size..just nice right! hhaha
i wanna go again!!! and complete all the missed ride!!
IMG_0497 copy
wearing red hat-sungai wang, korea checkered shirt-boyfriend, random tunic and studded short from bkk, fridge ankle boots- taiwan

we have lot of fun! Thanks God for the weather and every single things You blessed us throughout the whole trip..really enjoy the quality time we spend together…

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