Old-time Taste in JB

Thanks papa for the approving the trips..been 3 years since our last family trip to Bali
starts our journey to Malacca for one of our cousin’s wedding..
stay at A famosa for one night before we depart to Singapore
of coz stopping by Johor Bahru is a must!
it’s our hometown and we miss this place alot..especially the food!
first we had my dad’s all time favorite Bak Kut Teh @阿顺肉骨茶
141, Jalan Keris Satu, Taman Sri Tebrau, , 80050, Tebrau Johor
IMG_0075 copy
i love JB Bak Kut Teh if compare to KL’s stronger herbals fragrant, and most important they use ribs not fat meat, bean curd and vege are separated
After that we spend some times at the mall- City Square..
is always a great place to find something special and vintage! but the price are rather high..however i still manage to buy a rattan suitcase!
IMG_0133 copy
and we have sweesen’s earth quake as dessert! my parent used to bring me and my bro there for ice cream feast when we were young!
after that we went for my favorite Stulang 汶强果條仔 for dinner
134, Jln Lumba Kuda, Johor Bahru
i can’t find any 果條仔 here in KL, anyone know where?
basically is kuew tiao soup but is in ‘black’ soup and you must eat with other side dishes like salted vege, duck meat, egg, taufu and many more!

IMG_0140 copy IMG_0138 copy
after the satisfied dinner we head to S’pore Orchard Road!
the Christmas deco this year rather disappointing..
the winning mall doesn’t seem to be really impressive to me
but i love all the caroling and drama performances along the street

IMG_0168 copy

me being tourist


Ion Orchard

IMG_01842 copy

wearing chiffon blazer, nude shirt with lace back, polka dots short

oh ya today is my bestie birthday!
Blessed Birthday to Shuwan!
Thanks for always be there and being such a sweet sister to us! 🙂

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