Fat Spoon Cafe

the 1st time i went was for Left block junkyard sales!
me and violet dear was busy digging stuff..and its so pack there so we didn’t stay for lunch
IMG_9356 copy
so i date ney ney there for brunch..

IMG_9327 copy
Peter & Jane menu..

childhood memories~
IMG_9352 copy
Nasi ulam
IMG_9354 copy
Nyonya Curry chicken with bun..
IMG_9348 copy
Lychee sorbet with mint
IMG_9345 copy IMG_9338 copy
and us..
its a great place to hang out..chit chat with friends and love ones..:D
IMG_93712 copy
wearing batwing shirt, cotton on top, bkk studded high waist short and bag, fridge boots from taiwan..
another week starts..Thanks God i’ve been resting and taking day off a lot this december to clear leave and clear my mind for being a cow for whole year…
christmas is coming in less than 2 week
this christmas gotta be different and meaningful to us..:D

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