My Red Affair…

ok blogging mojo is back
and i feel the urge to share all my favorite red thing!
i spend my leave so meaningfull
morning- clean up wardrobe
and i manage to arrange all my clothes according to colors…
DSC04599 copy
manage to dig out all the red clothes i satisfy my red crave..haha
noon- cod with siew li from udc to get my h&m clutch
DSC04596 copy
Nice no? i love it!!!
i need it for 3 wedding dinner in these coming 3 diff Saturdays
and follow by facial in the afternoon…
DSC04591 DSC04594 copy
oversize red polka dots tee from
vintage leopard sunnies from Leftbock junkyard sales
red nail- check!
maybe is Christmas that make me fall in love with red i think..:D

Blessed reddish weekend!
tomorrow have greater mission in to complete!

6 thoughts on “My Red Affair…

  1. OMG, such a glamorous clutch! How much is it? I saw one similar one from Topshop. But their design is ruffles. Both look classy!

    Anyway, do you still design website for people? Can I have your email? 🙂

    p/s. If you noticed, I drop you comments quite often. I sound like some stalker, oh noooo. HAHA, but I really love your blog 😀


  2. Amee: high FIVE!! haha thanks Amee! 😀

    Merry Christmas to you too

    Nicole: i brought at 110 hehe..ya i saw that topshop's too..
    yes dear but service will asume after february..if you can wait ya
    my email:

    hahah u're so cute!! Thanks dear i feel really glad that you love kiminpink!

    joyce: ya lo..haih so sad! dunno gotta wait how long..

    sweetiegem: gimme Five too!hahha


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