Project Rêverie- Behind the Scene

Since the weather are unpredictable and kept rainy the days before
so we start the shooting earlier last minutes..
IMG_7503 copy
IMG_2924 copy
bee have long straight hair so its easy to do diff style
IMG_3022 copy
posing..hehe im referring to the reference images from laptop..
IMG_2972 copy
pictures viewing while break time..
IMG_2993 copy
on set…:D

preview images!
what do you think?

a little update of myself..
nowadays seldom take outfit pictures..weekend are packed weekday no mood and no time to take pictures of my outfit..i have lotsa to buy, great bargain, good stuff and many more to tell you girls..but just dunno why i have no mood to blog..
bear with me.. hope my blogging mojo will be back very soon..

in this special December, i received a lot of blessing from friends around me..
Although i face some problem at work but God’s words, friends, family and church buddies warm my heart..
Thanks God i’m truly blessed..

7 thoughts on “Project Rêverie- Behind the Scene

  1. wao~ im so exciting and looking forward for your complete reverie project post! keep it up the good work, and wish your blogging mojo will be back faster, so we have more nice posts to feed with~ XD anyway, take k ya! =D


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