Random Stuff at work

i realize i seldom blog about my work if compare to my previous job..
anyway since these pictures are with me for some times..
i don’t usually have breakfast
depends on my mood…:D
involve in mifa show..and work like a cow..
DSC04232 copy
random outfit to work..when i feel girly..
visit boutique for some work stuff…
wearing knitted top-taiwan, khakis pant- chapter 8
Picture 031 Picture 027
company annual dinner..
DSC00942 Picture 077 copy
self decorate mask broke half way.. fail!
5200411937_23e98be69c_b 5200405485_92fec87571_b
our table we were arranged to sit with media representative..sienz..
Picture 070
with funny girl yun
basically i’ve learn alot here! other than graphic design
help in at event, set up fair, stock take, sales girls!
anyway i thanks God for letting me learn this much and experience different things!
-the end-
croset and tutu are from old blossom as well!
IMG_2735 IMG_2741
old blossom is ♥

13 thoughts on “Random Stuff at work

  1. Yvon:Thanks dear! im working in Poney a children garment company..:D

    Ping: yeah love it so much

    bee: hehhe..ya i addicted to it too! brought another corset to match the tutu!

    chunnie: Thanks!:D

    Anonymous: Thanks! nop is a children garment company..hehhe

    tan: hahha sorry for confusing! my position is actually a Graphic Designer..:D


  2. haha. dear your post in this is like very 不甘愿. I understand your feeling, is like i don't pay to do that much of work ! Well, I'm graduate soon and i'm very scared to go out and work. A scary world. =( Good luck for you and me. haha Hope you can find a better and happier job in coming time =)


  3. Hi dear,
    I wonder issit hard to maintain your hair curve? do you need to wake up every morning to curl it? will it out of shape? Coz i love your hair =D do let me know ya~!


  4. ketty: haha i tot i d write it in no so boh song way d..you can still feel it huh! no need to scared! because God is handle everything! i believe this is what he want me to learn and there is a bigger plan for me!hehhe..:D
    anyway Thanks dear ketty!!! when wanna meet again!!

    anonymous: yes dear updated..:D

    Lene: er..actually nope..i dun really spend much effort in maintain it..i just apply mosturize cream after dry blow…:D
    every morning i just wash it and blow it with hair dryer..hehhe


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