Christmas is coming…

updated: All shorts are sold out and not restockable..
Thanks for overwhelming response..

so fast the year 2010 come to the end! because Christmas is coming
Malls are ready for Christmas!
IMG_8272 copy
End of November and December are always pack and busy for us
especially in church…and again is time to refect ourself
IMG_8267 copy IMG_8263 copy
takes pictures with pavilion’s Christmas deco is a yearly thingy! *Here*
IMG_8276 copy IMG_8281 copy
wearing Mum’s cardigan, Old blossom box lace corset, khakis pleated high waist short,
Old blossom box vintage-like watch necklace
IMG_8284 copy IMG_8291 copy
i have extra stock for this shorts in s and m size!
because i saw this pretty short at the supplier and i just cant resist it!so i just grab a few pieces in order to own it!anyone interested? mail me or drop a comment! am not earning but sharing love!
IMG_8260 copy IMG_8254 copy
testing shot at topshop fitting room as usual!
love the lace details knitted top! so pretty! i like!
IMG_8288 copy
this year gonna end soon! i wonder what i’ve done so far..
is all about work, church, cellgroup, shopping
nothing much or special
anyhow quiet doesn’t mean bad but full of God’s blessing

Take care

25 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…

  1. Been wanting to say this (but I haven't): Loveee your bag! Perfect to fit sooo many junks (a lot of rubbish in my bag everyday) and most importantly huge cameras. 😀

    Awesome outfit as usual! Have a nice weekend Kim! ♥


  2. sharon: Thanks dear! yes! i have a lot of rubbish too in my bag! in fact vy diff bag have its own junk in it!hehhe..:D

    joleen: Thanks Joleen.. 😀

    Ketty: replied you ya dear..:D yalo i sunway one so weird de!hahha..

    Beatrice: Thanks beatrice! pm me at 😀 for more info k! thanks!


  3. Hi dear, I read from ur Bangkok trip that u stayed at Budacco Hotel. Was wondering what was the rate? And also how to make reservations?

    Thx in advance ya dear =)


  4. heyy, i just realized your legs were a bit dry in the last photo, (i am a girl btw dun freak out! >.< ), could try using lotion, cz it happened to me also and when i used lotion it improved. like ur customize posts =)


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