Pipit Market..

Thanks ping for reminding me of pipit market
always missed the chance to visit this art market by local artist and designers
IMG_2749 copy
there’s art exhibition by local artist..
love his drawing~
IMG_2750 copy
a girl selling really nice handmade stuff! her stall is so dreamy!
i love her XOXO handmade soft toy!so cute!
IMG_2757 copy IMG_2780 copy
people mountain people sea
really successful bazaar i must say!
IMG_2815 copy IMG_2832 copy
tag sister zhi along..she love all the handmade stuff!
IMG_2820 copy IMG_2819 copy
after the bazaar we went sunway damansara for thai food!
Bangkok wasabe
affordable but nice thai food are served here!
IMG_2838 copy
super spicy and sour tomyam!
i think its better than those i drink in bkk!
maybe localize d..
IMG_2841 copy
thai pandan chicken..not bad~
IMG_2826 copy
thai iced tea..
IMG_2835 copy
and pineapple fried rice!
definitely will visit again..
IMG_2793a copy IMG_2796a copy
somthing plain and easy
topshop tunic, stripe flair skirt, vincci oxford.

10 thoughts on “Pipit Market..

  1. hi… i've been followed ur blog quite some time..
    just dun hav the chance to say hi to u.. ^^
    i like ur style n ur blog which it very enjoyable.
    keep up the good work.

    by the way, which saloon u normally go? ur hair colour n the perm look nice on u ! =)


  2. hi, i've sent u an e-mail on 11/11 7.53pm to request for your bkk itinerary, did u receive it? 😀
    looking forward to ur favorable reply :)))


  3. bee: hehe guess u're not hungry anymore now when i reply this late..paiseh..but i think u will like this thai restaurant!

    anonymous: the one i went is at central market..:D

    eunice: Thanks eunice your words encouragement me! the saloon i went name orange at plz oug..:D

    pj: nvm thr's always next time!

    beverly: 😀 come back soon! hehe..thanks bev!

    tan: replied you ya dear.


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