went to uniqlo today..
i was there at after the official opening time so we thought that no need to queue
but the queue is crazy!! like everything is free in the shop…
never thought Malaysian can be so crazy
IMG_2600 copy IMG_2602 copy IMG_2601 copy
camwhore to kill the boredom
IMG_2613 copy
had our first chat time bubble tea..so nice!
i want more!!any other kiosk other than pavilion?!?
IMG_2655 copy IMG_2652 copy
searching high and low for something to buy
but sadly..nth really caught my eye..sad max!
in order not to waste the effort and the voucher
i only got myself 1 home wear t-shirt for 4.90 (RM20 discounted) and Nordic print legging for 29 (RM20 discounted) conclusion only their pj collection is right for me..
most promo items are normal, basic and boring..
unless you win urself a trip to japan! otherwise all the queue and time are wasted..because according to the staff the promo for the opening actually until 2 dec..
but at least experience diff thing lar..and and..erm i enjoy my day with sister and boyfriend! self comfort..hahha..

Happy Deevapali/long weekend to all
malls must be full of crowd and parking are hard to find!
but but but i still gotta go out to find my DRESS! super failed.. the dinner is next Wednesday already! me got nth proper to wear for that occasion!

4 thoughts on “Uniqlo

  1. hey dear, i went for the loooong queue on the opening day as well. But i decided to drop by pavilion first cuz it was way too crowded..and guess wat? I saw you and ur bf in pavilion! you were wearing green.XD
    But i was shy so dare not approach you haha 😛


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