New Hair New Hair

hehe dun expect too much..
coz it look exactly the same like what i curl with curler before…
IMG_2558 copy IMG_2562 copy
actually the outcome right after the perm is totally something different..
its just like those typical perm..i kept complain to the hair stylist too curl lar, look very old ler! but surprisingly after few days blowing and styling..and now this is what i have everyday!
i can finally throw curler away~
DSC04258 copy
same right?hahha
my hair stylist cannot tahan me always tortured with hot curler..
my hair is so dry and unhealthy now
so he insist giving me a permanent one..
now i can focus on making my hair healthier..
IMG_2533 copy IMG_2529 copy
wearing Topshop crochet top, nude flair short..
from all the pictures i realize my eye become smaller and come?!

7 thoughts on “New Hair New Hair

  1. mind telling us what curl you did? where? pricing?
    i really like your hair… and your style too. you look very pretty… love reading your blog!


  2. yvon: Thanks girl..oh vy near only lo..:D

    Sharon: haha curler vy cheap one

    qi wei: Thanks! i know is digital perm only..

    eva: thanks pretty eva!:D i think u look sweeter!

    anonymous: its digital perm according to my hair stylist at a salon name orange near plz oug, my package is 240..Thanks dear for the compliment..:D you encourage me to blog more..


  3. Hey dear..can I know if your hair color is dyed using liese hair dye in ash brown? The color is sooo nice and looks even better with your curls~



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