Pla dib- The Heritage Village

Pla dib- The Heritage Village, Seri Kembagan
accidentally read about this restaurant while blog walking..
since its so near to my place, so i tag my sibling along when my parent are out for wedding dinner
IMG_2392 copy
i love the enviroment..the design and the lighting..
IMG_2388 copy
feel cozy
IMG_2440 copy
especially love their outdoor seats..with lake side view!
IMG_2415 copy
Creamy Cappelini Angel Hair with Ebikko
love the mixtures and its a great combination
IMG_2412 copy IMG_2420 copy
smoke salmon salad and Black Fried Rice serve with raw egg
not really like the salad..we should order their chef recommended soft shelf crab salad..
the fried rice is something new for me..i love it!
IMG_2444 copy IMG_2378 copy
they are offering free dessert with every purchase of main course
Flamed Crispy Mango with Ice cream..i love free stuff!
Definitely will visit again!
IMG_2455 copy
turquoise chiffon crop top: Beetch, highwaist short: BKK
yeah.. gonna start hunting for dress for wedding and annual dinners this weekend!
i need nice dress!

6 thoughts on “Pla dib- The Heritage Village

  1. Yvon: yes very near.. u stay some where near tmn university right? yes i stay at seri kembagan too!

    bee: yes nice place!! is a thai restaurant! the price range is less than RM25 per main course..:D
    thanks!! im visiting the site!!


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