Simply lazy

IMG_2175 copy IMG_2174 copy
my outfit post getting so boring i know
i am so plain and simple this season..
don’t why.. just so lazy to dress up..
IMG_2187 copy IMG_2168 copy
knitted top: Topshop, studded short & Shoe: Bangkok
IMG_2171 copy
this top is supper comfy! i like!
IMG_2196 a
i’m still thinking whether should i take day off for the opening!
i wanna queue up and enter the shop first!
and they are having special promo on the 1st day!!i want to go so crazy i know..

13 thoughts on “Simply lazy

  1. ketty: awh..ur words thrilled me! touching but too bad i dun hv the like button..hehhe

    a-mee: yeah simple is best!

    Qi Wei: Thanks sweetie.

    Eva: yesyes! visit their site to see the promo!

    bee: yeahhhhh..i d take leave im gonna win the ticket! hahaha dreaming

    Beverly: Hi Bev, its a new shopping mall opposite PAvilion name Fahrenheit 88

    peiyun: Thanks dear..:D u guys motivate me to post more outfit here! hug!

    what the website for? need my vote?


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