Nice Stuff II

IMG_1776 copy
MAC concealer
always searching for good coverage concealer to cover my dark eye circle
some concealer is patchy, some doesn’t last long, some is too oily for eye part
and i think i found the best so far…
last long and not patchy at all..blend so well with my liquor foundation
IMG_1780 copy
MAC gel eye liner
another good one! previously i used both maybeline and kate was good
but they dried out so fast! like after 3month..

IMG_1785 copy IMG_1841 copy
left: how i apply concealer
right: eye liner so me…
IMG_1820 copy
essential shampoo and conditional
got it from BKK! i love it..and now almost empty
still haven’t launch in Malaysia yet…how?!?!?
IMG_1821 copy
after make up..:D
gonna sleep soon..nitey!
Blessed Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Nice Stuff II

  1. Yup, kim~ Mac conceler quite gd in coverage. =P i do use it also. but eyeliner, i use bobbi brown , it;s can hold in til whole night long and the price almost the same with mac too. i guess. =P
    izzit mac 1 gd as well?


  2. sying: Thanks dear!! hehhe planing to buy from thr..thanks for the link!!!

    clairine: ya..i heard bobbi brown is famous with the eye liner!! gonna try next time!!! ya mac is long lasting too and not smash that easy..:D

    Joanne: yayya so nice and not expensive at all..!!!


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