God say be patient…

been some times when i last cam-whore
so i start with half face 1st lar...

people ask hey why are you still stuck there..
i say i dunno maybe that strong disagreement/depression is no longer with me in my heart or mind
God provides me strength and extra patient to hold on with all this
in fact i still Thanks God with who i am and where i am standing right now
i believes there’s something God want me to learn from everything that happens..
and the most important things is to trust Him more
day by day…

i learn to Thanks God for everyday so i can be happy person..:D

i also thanks God for this gift of dolling up myself
maybe for you, you don’t think is a gift..but i do
and i really wish i can honor Him with everything He gives me..
randomkim2 randomkim1
wearing: crochet dress wore as top, again the same old button up high waist short all from bkk

okie end this emo outfit post..
im so bored with my hair already.. want to make a change..but no idea ler..


7 thoughts on “God say be patient…

  1. i've been looking for high waist shorts like that but can't find. kim you know any blogs gt sell? 🙂 really like your fashion sense, very sweet and chic.


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