Outfit Post

random outfit post
IMG_9858e IMG_9861e
wearing:polka dots sheer shirt & flat & button high waist short from BKK, Topshop vest, vintage bag and handmade pearl necklace from Ping
have you got urself a sheer top/shirt or whatever is sheer?
IMG_9846e IMG_9857e
visit our favorite Taiwan snack stall at Sunway Pyramid
another lovely items from bkk got it ar only RM8!!!steal steal steal..
i saw some luxury accessories shop at Sum lum and chatuchak selling at RM25 smth!
its not ur normal hearts ring, the ring come with different color of hearts on different side..so i can match easily with my outfit!

10 thoughts on “Outfit Post

  1. I got my sheer top from UDC also polka dots with bling button. I donno how to match it ><
    Because it was long sleeve so when I pair with long jeans will make me look short and weird. Teach me how to match it nicely dear 😦
    Your friend Ping also selling stuff online ? 😀


  2. Hey, I went to Suan Lum, Chatuchak and Platinum Mall, their accessories are quite expensive sigh! Where do you got yours?

    I still have two days to look for it in BKK hahaha! Still can't find any nice shoes though 😦


  3. Ketty: hehe..for me ill match with short since im not talk too.. high waist short is best choice, u can match with bandage skirt too, or wear with long tank top and wear the shirt as outer wear with a belt on waist..:D or i can do a post to play with this mix n match..hehhe..:D

    nop dear..she actually handmade herself for some accessories..and she gifted it to me..:D so talented right?

    Yan: Thanks dear..im still learning and improving too..:D sm times i feel lazy to dress up too..:(

    adriani: Thanks sweetie, erm not so soon i think..will let you know once i update again alright?

    anonymous: Tqvm!

    ping: yes dear love it too.. i love the necklace!! thanks again

    anonymous: wow really? i regret didn't grab more..

    joanne: yes dear i found accessories quite expensive this season.. i got my at the street stall at siam square..one aunty selling..
    arh..u cant even find any in chatuchak???


  4. No 😦 Sad wei, I look high and low for that vintage shoe shop you mentioned in the blog. Can't locate T_T

    Shoes at siam square are so expensive! Gosh, I'm now stuck with expensive stuffs hahaha!


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