Happy 1 Malaysia Day~~
im now 1 tone darker!! thanks for the sun at Sekinchan!
have a really nice and enjoyable outing with cg members!
Thanks God for the weather and blessing..

Today destination is chatuchak weekend market!
there are 26 sections that contains more than 8000 shops/ stall
i would recommend section 2 and 3! i think the clothes there is nicer..:D
IMG_9082 IMG_9084

before all the shopping stuff..
let me show you my ‘thai bun’..i look like i just out from bath or smth huh..
it is such a suitable hair bun to shop at a places like chatuchak
supper hot and crowd..
dunno why i dun dare to tie this out here in KL..
IMG_9043 IMG_9135
left: im wearing lace crop top, f21 shorts
right: some random shop that is so crowded! saw the signage? 100? dun believe coz nth u think is nice is at the price range! after u busy picking/grab items that u like..u will be surprise and feel cheated!! they just trying to attract more customer..

IMG_9029 IMG_9039

really like this shop!!
love their girly and sweet

IMG_9074 IMG_9023

ney’s sister finally found her dinner dress for their brother wedding
let’s guess how much is it??

IMG_9080 IMG_9134

there’s also this section that sell all the vintage stuff!!!
i love all the vintage shoes…u can found really nice brogue shoes..of coz in limited size..if you’re lucky enough

IMG_9152 IMG_9155

3 happy + 1 tired faces..
after all the shopping, squeezing, and sweating at chatuchak
we drag our tired body to Siam Paragon
IMG_9171 IMG_9172
some random shot of me
IMG_9166 IMG_9176
we’re meeting someone special..:D
meet them in next post!

and here part of my buys from chatuchak..
Moccasins flat, full skirt, sheer top and shirt and my favorite bag just nice to fit dslr!! the shape is love..


15 thoughts on “Chatuchak

  1. oh my gosh i lurve those brogues and the vintage store! how come i never saw them in chatuchak?(i jz went last week) can u lemme noe wats the name of the shop and which part of chatuchak it's located?:)if tats possible?hehe


  2. love love your buys much is the bag and the tops you bot? And how did you resist buying things you like?? I always grab a lot of stuff i like and end up broke before the last day haha. =p


  3. Hey, shopping in Thailand seems so fun! LOVEEE YOUR MOCCASINS. i've been finding for moccasins since forever! still cannot find, you know anywhere in Malaysia selling shoes like that? 🙂 any colour will do.


  4. bee: wow really? thanks dear..hope all this helps ya! oh ya forget to tell u we've try mister donut! but it was really disappointing! the donut like chewing gum and the whole concept is diff with the one in taiwan ler..dun have the cute little sheep de.. we found 1 at Platinum LG and 1 at Siam Square..if you wanna try..heheh

    yan: Thanks!! glad that you love my blog!hehe find a chance and go visit!:D

    Jun: hehe yalo! i hope to grab everything but no $$ so sad..haha

    Abby:arh really mayb u missed out the vintage section! all the shop selling vintage shoes have this brogues! i cant rmb the name of the shop at vintage stuff located at section 2 if im not mistaken..:D

    Beverly:yes indeed!

    Yvon:the bag is only RM45! 😀

    Eva: yes! i love it too…

    Angel: bag is 45 the top around 35 to 50..hehe my strategic is not to bring all of my money out! divide money by day~ so i can control!hehhe

    Meg: hello Meg, yes its fun! i dun really know where can we get moccasins here in malaysia except Topshop..:(

    tipsyqueen: wow really!!! Enjoy ur trip!

    Joleen: Thanks!


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