Shopping at Platinum Mall..

Breakfast time before the war begin..

IMG_8863 IMG_8862

saw my sister hair? that’s what we call a thai bun..nice not?

ignore my sleepy eye..i put this picture becoz he look good..hehhe


this is the main destination..of our bangkok trip in our 4 days 3 night trip we spend 2 and half day there.. and never even cover all the shop!

we bring our own bag and trolley! you can get one there easily! thought its not really nice to see but it make shopping easier!

IMG_8905 IMG_8902

some random shop that we shop at
left: nice but pricey accessories shop right: trendy jeans short are sold here with vy reasonable price!
ney’s favourite tee shop : Daily Fresh
he fall in love with their tee from our first visit to bangkok..

at phatunam market trying out can can hat for ney’s co-mate..hope you love it..IMG_88902

outfit: maxi and sandal are from platinum
this was my very 1st time wearing maxi! coz im short! but who care lar..nobody know me also..hehhe
lotsa girls asking me whether do i take stock this time from bkk..
hehe the answer is YES! of coz..
updating Trendreports this weekend!

Selamat Hari Raya to Muslim dolls~
happy long weekends..

11 thoughts on “Shopping at Platinum Mall..

  1. hello kim,

    i am ming's colleague who asked him to help me buy the can can hat 🙂 thanks for the favor :D.

    i already removed the ribbon so i can customate it 😀 😀 😀
    i totally inspired by ur can can hat designs




  2. Hello! Can I know how much you spent on accommodation+flight in Bangkok? Really curious cause planning a budget trip to BK with girlfriends 🙂


  3. Sharon:thanks..hahha before this i really dun dare to wear ler..

    ketty: hahhaa ya ya..good memory!!!

    bee:the jeans one at 3rd floor if not mistaken the last row from the middle escalator..:D

    Ashley: hello Ashely! you're most welcome! cant wait to see the outcome! hehe..:D

    Qi Wei: no wor dear..that one i buy for myself only!hehe..paiseh ya!

    ya coz its expired d..but Thanks God its back in actions!

    Anonymous: Thanks!!

    Anonymous: Hello, if only accommodation(240*3night/ 4person sharing) and our flight is (380 2way) you can get even cheaper flight tix when promotion time..:D


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