its my first day in bangkok and already 2.03 bangkok time
super i give up writing full post but a very brief summary of every day
outfit on board…fyi i brought 1 pj with me only
so if i get nth ill be wearing this jumpsuit for the next fews day..
haha of coz its impossible..
this time we stay at a boutique hotel ,Budacco, The Living Place
that located very near to platinum mall (walking distance)
Thanks suzie and bee recommendation
its cozy, staff are super friendly and helpful! will blog more later..
after check in we head to platinum mall straight for shopping
and lunch
at night we went to Suam Lup Night Bazaar
IMG_8820 IMG_8853
where lotsa nice stuff selling!! and of coz lotsa bargain happen too..
purchase of the day…mostly black and white and beige..
not all mine though gotta continue tml..
***Thanks God for blessing our trips so far and helps us overcome some difficulties

17 thoughts on “Sawadeeka

  1. Babe, where did you get your heart printed jumpsuit? I've been looking for it! You look super adorable in it 🙂 can't wait to see more updates about your bangkok trip! Have fun 🙂


  2. Hey there Im going BKK soon coming January,
    got the flight tickets already but still finding suitable accommodation for 6 girls.
    Like the hotel you staying! May I know how many people can fit in one room? The rate on the official web is it for per room? Can we have 3 person in a room, is there extra charges? TQ! :S


  3. KIM!!!!!!

    i miss the time hanging out with u guys lar >< " please make it ON in another trip. damn sorry to you guyssss… so so so damn sorry!


  4. sharon:hehe i nvr been to Europe b4!sad dao!!!! me lagi envy u k! u can go bkk anytime!

    Yvon: thanks dear, ya it was fun!

    Sharon:hehe..yaya i like polka dot! cant resist dots..

    Ping: sure dear! no problem..

    Nicole: dear i got it here
    ya updating soon ya dear

    juju: really? i nvr heard of thai friend nvr mention to us too..hopefully its not i wanna go again next time!

    ally:yes dear its a really great place for girls! for a normal room can only fit 2 ppl which they are quite strict on this policy. if you wanna fit 3 person in a room u can book extra bed which cost 80ringgit at we book thru this web! 😀

    jun: Thanks sweetie! ya will update soonest

    bee: yes dear i think you will like it..but the breakfast bit boring ler.. when we just reach we just tell the driver budacco which is quite lucky coz the rest of the taxi driver we take dunno abt the hotel
    its better if you can print this out in case the driver dunno you can also roughly tell them its near baiyoke sky and phatunam market ya

    Tommy: hahhaahaha is ok lar..but i wish u guys were there lor..we will hv more fun!!! hahaa okok next trip ya! dunno will crash with our start de raya album ornot!hahha

    hwiyee: yes dear..agree



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