Nerdy Stripes..

IMG_6402 copy
Another set of photo coming soon..
love this outfit and shooting idea..super fun..
we cant stop laughing looking at each other..
the shooting is actually same day with the picture you saw it here in this post
in the same day we have 3 set of clothes 3 different theme..:D
instead of visit mall every weekend.. utilized it with photo shoot is kinda meaningful too
and my life is too dull and boring to share here
so what i can do is to keep feeding my blog some vain photos.. to keep it updated..
if you are interested in having self portrait we would like to give it a try to shoot others too!
*if only u trust us..
of coz my part will be more on giving shooting theme and ideas..
technique part will be the boyfriend…
oh ya..Thanks for those who email me! whoever ask me about blog template or design job! whoever who just email me telling me you love reading kiminpink! Thanks so much!
appreaciate!!!..and grateful that u love my design!
i’m starting back my freelance.. i do blog layout, name card, header design..
everything! email me for price quote!
haha this post is so messy
anyway.. last random stuff!
vote me pleaseeeee…HERE

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