simply blue

autumn is coming..
times to top up the wardrobe but im still in shopping ban this month!!
so bear with me in summer..hehhe
this time i am keen enough to say no to shopping…in order to save up more bullet
randomout10 randomout9
just a simple day with simple outfit and simple mood
top: mum’s, short: online, shoe: taiwan’s, and topshop tote bag
love this short so much! cute, supper comfy and fitting!


random feet…in this random street..
pasieh i dunno what to write for caption..
randomout3 randomout6
more pictures of me!
and more…
i look so worry..
ok end..
thanks ney for always so patient to snap pictures for me…:D
then we found this japanese crepe kiosk!
there have variety of japanese crepes served like what you see in cheeseland’s japan post!
and i ordered strawberry- butter cake- crepes..



gonna start my leisure saturday!! times to dress up..
wookay girls, enjoy ur weekend!

16 thoughts on “simply blue

  1. awwww. you look so sweet even with casual look.
    I got my can can hat dy but not dare to wear it out, will grab ppl's attention -.-
    Agree to Jun. Ming is a really good photographer 🙂 Enjoy yr weekend too !


  2. sherlyn:thx dear, okok lar..can try for once..hehhe

    nat: thanks dear

    june: hehe thanks for him..:D

    ketty: ahha whr got sweet!hehe dun care lar! just wear! if not wasted ler!

    Thanks sweetie! he must b vy happy wen he say u girl's comment

    christine: yeah u're right! yes dear all using 50mm de

    june: it located some whr near gsc..its opposite gsc ya!

    bee: Thanks bee, am goi on 2-5sept! u goi too???

    Grace: thanks grace!

    gackyz: get one!:D


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