been some times since we last meet up
only 5 of us this time!
we lost our way and given 3 freaking times to a same tol!
thanks to mr ham! its was late am we are there and the restaurant we tend to go is fully booked
so we walk in to this random korea restaurant..
me love kimchi
table of food…
zhao nian kao
and us…
shevin, lucas, tommy, ming and me!
and photo session…:D
i wan korea food again!
any suggestion for korea restaurant? anyone?
everyone have fuji instax! me also want!
and thanks for this gathering we form our travel group!
like finally…cant wait! i wanna go travel go relax!

9 thoughts on “Gathering

  1. i.wan.tat.fuji.intax.too!!!!!
    anyway…havent been seeing them for quite sometime! i'm more familiar with tommy & ah binggo! hahah he used to be in fresh bottle performance before~ n tat's shevin from q losophy rite? wow! now i knw i havent old yet! haha

    ps: niceeeee toppppppp! i loveeeeeeeeeeee!


  2. qi wei: ya i heard of that!but nvr try must try one day!!!!i love bbq stuff!

    ping: hehhee yes dear go try daorae then..i heard my friends and colleague telling me this restaurant1

    sherlyn: hehee miss ya dear! yayya we are all busy with work and life… u're correct dear that's shevin..:D


    yvonne:high 5!

    anonymous: haha no lar just trying out diff curl..:D


  3. why they are not in facebook but here? :p

    btw, super nice layout + photos + outfits here. too nice d larrr!!

    u and ur sister looks like twin!! twin!! is twinssss~


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