Sumi-ka 炭家

its 630 now.. i should be waking up at 1 hour later for work
but i give up sleeping coz i’ve waking up throughout the entire night
im suspecting drink last night coz im pretty sure im not overexcited for my trip tml!
im gonna have panda eye, eye bag and no mood to work for sure
who is the last working day for me..hehe in this week..

so im up this early to share some good food with you..
sumika3 sumika12
sumi-ka 炭家 ( Japanese grill house) ,Subang SS-15
been there twice the 1st time full booked, and we do reservation 2 weeks earlier for our 2nd visit
of coz you can walk in its depend on your luck..but walk in better be after 9
once you walk in the shop you will be greeted with all this Japanese wine with pasted name
i remember JB also have 1 of this very traditional Japanese restaurant that we used to visit serving very good Japanese food with this kinda display too..
look like i already in Japan huh..i wish lar..
everything is written in japanese, chef and waiters are speaking in japanese
they talk really loud and that really create that kinda japanese Izakaya feel
but i’ve give back all my japanese back to the old japan teacher
sumika6 sumika8
and of coz the menu have english need not worry how to order
and the waiters are mostly Chinese..:D
part of the yakitori that we order
i love the one 4rd top pork with fish egg..and mushroom..and prawn
they are famous of the chicken’s skin, beef’s toungue, chicken’s tail but im not a skin or visceral person
i love this yokitori don because im a rice person..hehhe
how the yakitori is being grilled
and the sponsor of the night..
Thanks ney for this awesome love..
sumika2 sumika1
wearing heart shape crop top- sungai wang, bow front short in navy- blogshop
yeah..finish..go and try it yourself!

wow..finally..happy max
ya you may be asking why bangkok again..coz its a yearly thingy..hahha
finally i can have a getaway from the work
and im planing to blog about my trip every night..will try my best…
stay tune ya!!!

kim Doll

29-june 28-june 26-june

22-june 17-june 1-july

because i realize i took less outfit photo nowadays
so i decided to draw it out! i dunno since when i enjoy doing illustrator so much!
these are the series of kim doll i draw last season
will try draw more…
another 3 days to september! happy max!!
so many things to look forward!!!!
do u love sept too???

this is boring

i have nothing special to blog
seldom go out on weekend nowadays..
i prefer to stay in and rest online and complete my freelance
and one of the big reason is to save! im in shopping ban for 1 month! 1 whole month can you hear me! *proud*
and finally i can be release next week from the shopping ban jail!haha..
anyway since i have nothing to blog
so i continue share my the 2nd series of the picture of me and my sis
hhehe i know this is boring but please bear with me i have special plan for this blog for next week!!
IMG_6474 copy IMG_6472 copy
this series have lotsa landscape pictures
IMG_6470 copy
kinda like this color mood
IMG_6465 copy
its the same place and a really great place for shooting
quiet, no crowd, and various nice shooting spot!
IMG_6574 copy IMG_6581 copy
me: stripes bow top: Taiwan, jeans suspender: teetoo(sis’s)
sis tien: stripes top: ZARA, jeans suspender: December
IMG_6548 copy
love this random shot.. we didn’t post for this!
IMG_6525 copy
i look so short…anyway that’s the truth both of my sister are taller than me!!!
why like tat one!*cry*
IMG_6417 copy IMG_6405 copy

IMG_6430 copy
love this pic!
IMG_6415 copy
lastly accidentally edit this into so strong…
and last but not least not ur typical jumpsuit
that’s all..