white saturday

been spending my 2 1/2weekend at Genting
i never like Genting, i always have car sickness otw there and i never like the environment there
i’m not there for fun or relax but working for company events..
and today marks the last day of me and tat place
and i never want to go there anymore…
but i Thanks God for these few trips up and down from Genting and KL
coz my car sickness is cured! I can go Cameron next time without worry abt this!
God is Good..
random pictures before heading back
see my hair bun! Sponge baby is amazing!!
i got it from Christine dear
because with my hair length and thickness i can never had this kinda nice hair bun
sponge baby make it so easy and so tight!
decided to take this shoe over from my sis! simple yet clean!easy to mix and match!
randomwhite5 randomwhite7 randomwhite6
and some random pictures took by iphone…
scallop top: Ugly Duckling, Jeans: Zara
sometimes i do prefer simple and casual outfit..:D
Blessed Sunday!

21 thoughts on “white saturday

  1. jun:Thanks jun for the sweet compliment..:D

    ney: yeah! hopefully!!!

    bee: Thanks bee dear!!

    anonymous: hi joyce!Thanks

    Anonymous:dear http://www.my-pandorabox.com/goods.php?id=271 you can refer to link!!:D

    Ping: hehe my hair also drop here and there de but i dun bother..hehhe but ur hair is longer than me..

    anonymous: sure the flat is from Jb city square..:D

    Eva: Thanks pretty!! i love it too..


  2. Hey kim,thks for mentioned my shop..lol
    was glad that it helps u lot in set up ur hair bun.
    i luv ur scallop singlet la,and that shoesss!!!
    arggg,u take it dy~~so sad i cant fit it,& that straw bag again too and the ring!!all so nice la!!haha
    btw i will upload lot straw bag too soon,do drop by to check it out..very nice~hehe


  3. hi!is me again..
    my fren told me that she saw u and ur bf at ts
    she is ur reader too^^

    can i ask do u noe any where selling straw bag??
    i love it so much ler…


  4. Christine: you're welcome dear! i love it! thanks thanks dear ya i love the shoe too!

    jun: hehe paiseh that day i look so tired and ugly! i know last season zara and f21 have the similar one..
    oh Christine say she gonna update a straw bag soon!

    carrie: Thanks pretty

    Valarie: hi thanks for dropping by..
    the white shoes belong by my sister..:D she got it pre-order


  5. lynette: thanks sweetie!

    pj: Thanks..:D the straw bag is major love

    christine: yes updated! but a simple one..

    abby: yes dear its mean for thin hair!!! 😀


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