Words to myself : Where am i heading to?

i wonder why i choose this path as a designer?
interest? passion? talent? or glamor? fulfillment?

i think i lost everything i have in design. i am just a robot. no longer bother to voice up my disagreement or my idea, what they want i do and give and change and make mistake and redo. that’s all. and i’m just a human that need salaries to keep alive.
i felt so sorry to myself, my parents and to God He gives me this talent and i wasted it.
i found no passion in anything i do right now. i dunno what am i looking for. where am i heading to.
sometimes i thinks im not qualify to be call a designer, sometimes i feel people overrated me and now they must be disappointed at me, sometimes i feel i dream too big im just so small, so small until i cant feel myself.

nothing and no one can refill this emptiness in my soul.

Only God can!only God knows what His plan for me.
Although i feel so weak, lost and depress with myself, but i am rejoice because i can rely on God.
i must pray! pray for a change! be quiet and listen to God’s and read His words.

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