Random 星期一

没有Monday blue, 放自己一天假
一早起来去拿Trendreports的货, 虽然不多但是还蛮满意自己也私藏了几件..
然后回来拍照, 整理衣橱…有好多没穿几次的衣服要卖掉!我要努力存钱了…Shopping ban到九月!

然后再拍pre-love 的照, 就已经要吃晚餐了..时间怎么这么快过啊!

IMG_7066 IMG_6971 IMG_7025

很满意这次的照片!谢谢小妹的时间! 摄影技巧不错哦!


18 thoughts on “Random 星期一

  1. the 1st cardigan, do u have in black???
    i have actuali bot a white 1 from tw previously…lol…and love it so much till i bu se de wear…

    and and and
    the middle pic..wat prints izzit?

    when will wantien updates in trend reports again?


  2. ketty:hehe yalo clearer..thanks ketty!cant wait to see u this sunday! hehe..yes dear the straw bag sold out liao..not restockable de..paiseh ya


    Bee: no wor dear..i oso brought it from taiwan spree de! i love it!!

    middle is little flora print!:D haha no more d! update all liao supplier dun have nice things 😦

    Trinie:hi trinie, nop its not permenatly perm..i blow it myself de..hehe
    Thanks for dropping by~

    Gacky: hi! thanks for dropping by! love ur blog too !!

    peiyun: argh..sorry dear.. translate it google!

    Wei shan: thanks shan! nope i also dunno how to do the auto rotat thingy! still learning..:(

    Christine: Thanks dear..ya should use this method next shooting..yes dear just change the image! no wor..myself de!


  3. hi kim…i envy ur flawless skin.perhaps u could share with us ur skin care(eg cleanser,make up remover,mask,moisturiser,eye cream) as well as foundation/concealer n powder u r using?TQ


  4. hey kim,

    i try to log in to the yahoo bid site, but dunno how to purchase, how long normally need to wait after order?


  5. Anonymous: actually i oso dunno how i ask my friend to buy for me de..i know min purchase is NT1000 in order to pay with credit card..normally take 1 to 2 month to reach..


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