19 thoughts on “Summer ♥

  1. BB_hwiyee : thanks dear your pic is nice too!!!

    peiyun: thanks peiyun!! where you wanna go for vacation?? hehhe..

    Eva: ya..so vacation! thanks dear! glad u love it!

    Yvonne: the straw bag belong to my mum..its vintage de..hehhe.. ya working life make us want vacation more!

    ping: thanks dear!!! this sat make it at 1 ok? early bit..hehhe

    zoe: thanks zoe!

    Christine: thanks christine!that bag is the best vintage that my mum pass to me..


  2. Adriani: thanks dear! thanks for dropping such sweet comment!will try my best k! coz i seldom take outfit on weekdays..:D nice knowing you..


  3. This world is really small, you are choon ming's gf … Halo!!! Nice to meet you ya!! ^^
    Your blog is beautiful and so lovely~

    btw, the photos really nice …
    I hope to vacation too, but not possible… ):


  4. Jamie: thanks jamie dear..ok no problem!!hehhe

    ketty: thanks sweetie!i dun use hot curler nowadays but only brow it with hair dryer for curl in effect..:D bring reference to your hair stylist! after a few times doi it with hot curler then u can try to use only hair dryer to do it!
    oh ya…i post the hearband to your college!

    bee: thanks darling! hehhe but that one my face very the round!hahha..

    ping: yalo so long!!!!!

    Grace: thanks! haha im not a model im just a white tikus for my bf to test his photography skill..hehhe

    ivy:oh hi ivy.. nice meet u too! thanks for the compliment..your blog is nice!!!why impossible..plan one!!! heheh


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