i love my boyfriend

yes, i love my boyfriend
i have to admit i am not a good girlfriend
because i angry a lot, emotional, fussy and stubborn!
but he is always so so so so x1000 patient with me…
which make me feel myself is super bad and like a crazy women most of the times..
the only shortcoming of him is the not-so-romantic thingy! i know lar he is trying his best!

present you a super big pictures of us!
this will the the size for all the images for my blog in future! hope you are fine with it!

super wrong picture with wrong focus point
but i still love the picture..dun waste the effort mah so must put here..
after 10 attempt this the only one with right focus!but my hand -_- spoil it..
we are 四眼(four eye) couple..hehe

another brand new week start..Weekend pass so fast for me! why?
A recap of my weekend! Saturday morning- photo shooting, then sunway pyramid (meet someone who came secretly to KL to meet her love one! you know who you are!) , then dinner with mum before she go to airport. Sun- Church Service and Empire Mall( buy gift for my little sis)- home (shooting for trendreport coming collection) and dinner with family. The end. so pack! i just cant sit at home one day~
oh ya to all i’m not in charge of buying and conducting trendreports for the mean time, my sister do most of the job and she did a great job i must say.. (i only help to model and edit images) i wish to be back on the track but i cant really spare out time to do buying and sending parcel(the hardest part)!!! i’m not a multitasking women..she’s gonna update new collection tomorrow~ nice stuff! i grab few already..hehe

this week my mum is on vacation at Australia
gotta babysit my sibling, prepare dinner and do housework! arhg… big responsibilty being the eldest…God bless everything go fine and smooth!

Blessed week to all~

P.s: oh ya for those who mailed me your address..ill send the bunny hairband out this week ya..sorry for delay..i forget post office closed every first Saturday of the month!
p.s.s: sorry for super messy post..hehe i just trying to write down everything!

12 thoughts on “i love my boyfriend

  1. cryst:hello pretty bride!!!haha u so cute! thanks for the compliment!!

    ketty:updated dear..hehhe

    jun: thanks dear..ar we look alike ar..:D its RM15

    ney: welcome ney

    bee: yalo! sometimes i feel im very scary like tat..

    anonymous: thanks for the compliment..no lar..the pic cheat bit..hehe..


  2. haha so sweet~i am secretely wishing my boyfren is as patient as yours hee. (: And i love your heart shape tee..so cute! you always got the sweetest stuff!


  3. i always jealous when i saw your picture (you and him) u post on your blog..
    i wish my boyfriend can be (only 20% enough already) patient as yours haha..


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