white saturday

been spending my 2 1/2weekend at Genting
i never like Genting, i always have car sickness otw there and i never like the environment there
i’m not there for fun or relax but working for company events..
and today marks the last day of me and tat place
and i never want to go there anymore…
but i Thanks God for these few trips up and down from Genting and KL
coz my car sickness is cured! I can go Cameron next time without worry abt this!
God is Good..
random pictures before heading back
see my hair bun! Sponge baby is amazing!!
i got it from Christine dear
because with my hair length and thickness i can never had this kinda nice hair bun
sponge baby make it so easy and so tight!
decided to take this shoe over from my sis! simple yet clean!easy to mix and match!
randomwhite5 randomwhite7 randomwhite6
and some random pictures took by iphone…
scallop top: Ugly Duckling, Jeans: Zara
sometimes i do prefer simple and casual outfit..:D
Blessed Sunday!

Words to myself : Where am i heading to?

i wonder why i choose this path as a designer?
interest? passion? talent? or glamor? fulfillment?

i think i lost everything i have in design. i am just a robot. no longer bother to voice up my disagreement or my idea, what they want i do and give and change and make mistake and redo. that’s all. and i’m just a human that need salaries to keep alive.
i felt so sorry to myself, my parents and to God He gives me this talent and i wasted it.
i found no passion in anything i do right now. i dunno what am i looking for. where am i heading to.
sometimes i thinks im not qualify to be call a designer, sometimes i feel people overrated me and now they must be disappointed at me, sometimes i feel i dream too big im just so small, so small until i cant feel myself.

nothing and no one can refill this emptiness in my soul.

Only God can!only God knows what His plan for me.
Although i feel so weak, lost and depress with myself, but i am rejoice because i can rely on God.
i must pray! pray for a change! be quiet and listen to God’s and read His words.

Happy Birthday, sister tien.

Tomorrow is your birthday, and sorry i still owe u pressie!
give me some times to search for a prefect gift for you..
I always Thanks God for you and your achievement in academic,you always give your best in everything you decide to go for..You did a good job!

love these series of pictures taking with you!
both top from her and both bottom from me..hehhe

i love photo shoot with theme! hope you girls love the pictures too..
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, dear sister tien.
God loves you~