Romance issue

i dunno why my blog become so boring
same photo same contain same me
sorry to all..
i actually rewrite this post for the third times
hope this is the final one
love the color of this pictures..
thx to photoshop action scripts
(awkward pictures of us, coz i actually photoshop us together)
we do enjoy times we spend together..
after 4 years of relationship, i just wish to there are some little sparkle
because to me being romantic is not a nature or something who born to be is an effort you put in your relationship to please your partner..
from yesterday devotion i learn love is a verb, you need action to show your love
ok today im gonna start a topic..
is your boyfriend romantic? did he do anything so touching that make you tears?
come come share with me please.. a handmade bunny headgear will send to the one who share the story that touch me.. coz you’re a lucky girl
or you can also complain here if your boy is same as mine

22 thoughts on “Romance issue

  1. my bf soooo not romantic 😦 same as me. because im not romantic either hehehe i love to laugh out loud and one day i burst my big laugh at the escalator infront of his friends and everyone because of the joke of one of his friend made and there is silent at sudden and then he hold my hand infront of his friends and said well everyone this is my gf. im touch and i know that he loved me 🙂


  2. i saw this post in the morning but suddenly disappear and my comment gone liao. btw i have not meet my mr right but i totally agree with you with your statement!”being romantic is not a nature or something who born to be is an effort you put in your relationship to please your partner..” i must quote this for my future boyfriend! love your blog


  3. This is the 5th anniversary with my bf and my bf is not romantic too haha! Sorta de-motivate me to be romantic so we both stop doing romantic things to each other. Especially when it comes to anniversary and birthday celebration, there's no more surprises. Eat, movie, karaoke? Like normal date.

    He used to make cards on special occasions. It only lasted for the first two years lol.

    Well, I know guys are lazy at times. But a bit of nagging hope will motivate him to do something =D Like you said, the effort counts.


  4. My bf not a super romantic guy but he will make his effort to do it when is big day. and today he make me touched with the song “Let me be your hero”.
    We're on our way to Tenji for sushi buffet but unfortunately my period came and he wanted to bring me to other places for lunch, i refuse to bcoz he really love Sushi and i thought that the pain wont come so fast.=p
    But then the pain came after we reach for 1hour. =( i still refuse to go home. haha. Then he sing “I can be your hero baby, I CANT kiss away the pain, but I will stand by you forever”

    I'm so touch and I thank God that He always Guide us in our relationship, our love become deeper everyday. 🙂


  5. For me, I feel that being romantic is not only buying me gifts, flowers or give me surprises. My boyfriend whom I have been with for 2 years is different from other guys who woo me previously..he never initiate to buy gifts for me and not the “romantic” kind of guy girls are looking for. But I love him coz of his small actions that could go un-noticed like how he is willing to make sacrifices for me..such as helping me pour water when I'm too lazy to move in the bed lol.. or going all the way downstairs to buy panadols for me when I'm unwell etc. I hope he will always stay this way~~^^


  6. well, before everyone sharing their stories here, i wish u can share urs instead 🙂

    what u want to complain about ur bf? how u guys sustain this 4 years relationship?

    i'm kinda bored with our 1 and a half year relationship. because of his not-romantic personality. i do nag to him sometimes, but he said i have too many complaints and i have high demands. -__- what i expect from him is just those common|normal things that i see most of the guys can do and will do. like u said, i just wish to have some sparks, it's not that he can't do, i think he's just lazy, giving excuses that he doesn't know how to do, he thinks love is JUST like that.

    haih..but anyhow, i still love him. i just hope he can change, putting some effort..


  7. My bf and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary this year 🙂 and although he's hardly ever romantic and does not always buy gifts for me, he does show his love for me in all his actions (like Angel in the above comment). Hehe one of the biggest problems for us is that my parents are very overprotective and I can hardly go wherever I or he want to go and must always go home early and never can come out at night… Never been able to celebrate his birthday with him or have dinner with him or everything but he still sticks by me and loves me very much. And on my birthday, he would purposely come all the way from home to surprise me at 12am; just to wish me a happy birthday even though he cannot even come inside my house… and this year bringing me cake all the way to surprise me 🙂
    And all the times where he would take care of me when I'm sick, coming all the way from his house to buy me medicine or stay over with me (and my mum) just incase I faint again from food poisoning.
    And the time he decided to save his salary so that he could pay for expenses everytime we go out instead of spending it all on a new phone to replace his 5 year old model. And just the other little things like bringing to eat my favourite food, or remembering little things that I tell him such as my favourite icecream flavour etc etc.
    And he has never asked me to change any part of myself, he loves me just the way I am and I love him too. 🙂
    I'm really lucky to have such an understanding bf. ^_^

    Okay better stop before my comment gets too long. 😀
    Just want to share my stories. Even though a guy may not always be romantic, but its the little gestures that count and the fact that he loves you to bits! 🙂


  8. Continue to Love the Lord your God and I'm sure he will bless you in your relationship. Reading your blogpost make me feel so guilty. I haven't been doing my devotion for a long time.

    I sincerely wish and will keep you in my prayers for the Lord to guide you as you walk closely with him. 🙂



  9. guess my bf wants to be romantic but he failed so!
    i can say that i am more romantic than him tho…

    but ok la, at lis there's once, during my last year's bday…while i was celebrating with bunch of my frens…..he ran up to the place with a big smile! (not knowing that he's actually back from Johor trip)


  10. He massage my hands and fingers when im deadly tired of working, and rubs my knee in the cinema while we were watching movie, as he knew my leg always numbs in the end of the show. It's just this simple little act, melted my heart 🙂


  11. After reading your entry, I am tempted to write mine although it'll bring me to tears. My ex-bf is definitely one of a kind – doesn't talk much but loving. We were together for 4 years and sometimes, when I am handwashing my clothes at the back alone with my dog, I could still hear him saying to me, 'I bet your clothes are cleaner than my sister's' (his sister handwash her clothes as well), while he squated down, looking at me washing my clothes. That was during the first year of our courtship.
    And when I was having my monthly thing, he'd put hot water tea bag on my abdomen and made sure I slept comfortably by turning down the volume of his PS2 and lights.
    Somehow, everything was bitter towards the end and all that's left are bitter sweet memories.

    I hope you don't go the same road as mine. You have the Jesus in you and so is him. I'm sure that things will work out right for both of you when there's Jesus to bind you both:)

    God bless.


  12. Hey gal, nice blog u have and u're such a cute gal from the photos I've browsed. Anyway, gal, u know action script? Do u know how to create a game? Coz my company is hiring~ hope to hear from you. You could drop ur msg in my blog or email me at

    thanks and wish u have a nice day 🙂


  13. dianna: thanks dear for sharing! its a true affirmation from heart your bf give u!! happiness always!!

    kelly: hi dear! ya paiseh coz the content kinda sensitive and sorry for the comment lost ya! thanks for loving kiminpink and agree with me!

    Joanne: yes for us too!! anniversay and celebration become so normal and nothing special!!which make me so so sad!but i really think its important to have something special to brighten up the long term relationship if not very hard to maintain ler..Guys! come on do something!haha

    ketty: hello sweetie, your bf so cute one(like you) haha!especially when we girls are on pms! we need to cheer up and care! Thanks God for you too! Continue walk with Him in your relationship, He will bless you both for sure ya!

    Angel: awh that's sweet! a simple act and caring count! girls are easily impressed right? stay happiness always!

    giny: haha for me ya my bf is totally a kayu, not romantic but he take care every single detail in my life! especially those i never care..i think God bring Him to my life so my life is complete! He also the who always guide me with God's word! is God who help us in our relationship..:D
    i do nag him a lot like you.. but mayb you start to do little sweet stuff for him 1st? make him guilty!haha…hope it helps!

    sharon: arh…thanks for sharing my dear!!!ur parent are protective because you're still young!!and yes dear you are lucky!!! he is so sweet and understanding! stay happiness ya dear!!!

    Jessica:yes dear totally agree as long as the both of us depending on word of God our relation last and God will bless us! dun feel guitly dear its never too late to continue doing devotion! i hope pick it up as a habbit! Thanks dear for you prayers!!! *touching* God bless you darling!

    bee: but at he want!!! he gives u gifts and bring u delicious food at no special occasion right? that is sweet enough d! hahha..awh the birthday suprise thing will definetly melt girl's heart!!lucky bee..hhehe

    vvens: woots..that's so sweet of him! he still love you and want you back! 😀 right?right?

    Eva: awgh..that sweet! my knee have the same problem some times but he nvr massage for me! sad! happy for you dear..:D

    Anonymous: dear sorry to bring bad the sad memories of yours! hope you are fine ok? anything i can pray for you my dear? (mail me at May God heal your heart and wash away the pain in you.God bless you dear

    Yvonne: hi dear, thanks for dropping by kiminpink! action script?i learned at uni last time but now all give back to lectures d..hehhe thx dear for your info! contact you if i need a job ya!


  14. I believe my bf is a romantic one. just tat he could not afford to do so, as romantic do need money sometimes =)
    but I'm glad he alwaz made me happy for the big day. I m also going through with him for almost 5yrs. Even some little small things that touch my heart, for exp:triple kisses he 'gave' tro phone (normally just 1 kiss =P) or as simple as he sing me to sleep when i requested (he dont sing~).
    most important is we both treasure each other.
    here is our valentine story post:


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