A lil update of myself

been hectic and lot of drama
with work and life..
i really wish to persuade my dream but maybe the timing wrong
i believe God has His own timing for everything
what i can do is pray and wait..
at sunway giza location reckon for my secret plan
its a pretty good place but the only concern is too too far from my places..
wearing: peach stripes crop top: BACI, denim suspender: Trendreports
i brought a wrong bag with me that day..supper wrong..
various ugly expression of me..
thanks for ney for always fetching me here and there

super duper short update today..
yeah no monday blue this week..
tomorrow on leave for rest and shopping
because he take a leave off just to spend time with me..
thanks ney

17 thoughts on “A lil update of myself

  1. Ling: thanks ling, thanks for dropping me a comment..:D

    Ping: haha where got..i also dun notice the teeth come out jor..hahah

    peiyun: thanks dear..but i look kinda fat in that wor

    jun: thanks jun!

    shyyyi: hi dear.. im using canon 550d..:D yes 550 produce really good photo quality!


  2. bee: RM2900 is body + kit lens, we add our own tripod and 50mm lens..:D now should be cheaper d..

    Grace: thanks grace!

    Anonymous: oh ya..thanks dear.hehe..


  3. Hi kim!Nice outfit and u r just too sweet!

    You have a blogshop?May i know the blog link?I saw many pretty and nice outfits from your picture!!! 🙂


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