Random outing with my lovely one

after we own baby c
we have another task to do rather than shopping and movie
because i enjoy being snap..we spend every weekend with baby c
i cant go out without it now! totally addicted..
the happy smile..
my photographer is good at catching my happy moment huh
my photograher!
..ops your double chin terkeluar!nvm i still love you..hheeh
my current favorite
so easy to match
goes well with any outfit!
florajumpsuit7 florajumpsuit6
wearing this jumpsuit..
look my pj for me hor..that’s y im selling it! recommended for tall girl!
and a quick lunch at this korea delight kiosk
florajumpsuit4 florajumpsuit
and random picture of me with minimum make up
am wearing my free fresh look illuminate lens
supper comfy compare to other cosmetic lens
but i found it hard to take off after a day wearing! do u face the same prob?
and we brought some random cute chalkboard for shooting purpose!
thanks ney for all the picture and time!
i cherish every moment that we spend together..
Thanks God for today sermon! i have to learn to cherish than complaining
to give rather than asking for more.. change myself rather expecting other to change
i Thanks God for you, love you~

am so random today
anyway good stuff here!
headgear IMG_14627
am selling handmade headgear at Trendreports!
free postage for kiminpink’s reader..

15 thoughts on “Random outing with my lovely one

  1. hi kim, I'm wearing daily lens, and I have the same problem as you, it is hard to tk out, aiks. Btw, I've been waiting for a month bt stil hvnt gt the free lens, dn knw y leh..luv the jumpsuit ^^


  2. Hi kim, first time posting a comment 😉

    i face the same problem with the lens. it was so so so difficult to take out until i hurt my left eye ball. it still pains until today :'( so becareful when u r taking it out k


  3. I have to say that the lens are very comfortable..but it's so so hard to take out! omgosh it's so frustrating..one time it took me so long to get the lens out from my left eye. I never had this problem with other type of lens.

    I think because it's a daily lens and it's thinner than other types, which makes it super comfortable but at the same time very hard to grip and take out.


  4. yes, it's very difficult to take out, left eye too! LOL! i tot im the one having the problem only! 🙂 cute outfit!! 🙂


  5. bee:thanks dear me too like the pic coz seldom that chan lan de! haha..

    Ashley:yalo so cute! no lor..i cannot handmade a house!haha

    michelle:arh now i know im not the only one facing that problem! nice blog u have

    teng teng: thanks for dropping by a comment ya dear. yes so hard i kept poking my eye! until so redish only i manage to take it off!

    Sarah:yes agree very comfortable.but so hard to take off right! the 1st time im so worry that the lens cant be take off forever and ill need to go for operation or somethings! i even ask my mum to help and while trying she keep nagging which make me lagi nervous! i cant imagine doi this daily!

    Cherie: Thanks girl for the compliment! you have nice blog!!

    pink: yaya my oso left eye! what happen huh???


  6. BB_hwiyee: thanks dear..:D

    jun: thanks for dropping by! and thanks for liking the photo! ur blog is great too!

    oh thanks for linking as well~


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