Chic Pop :D

i had my best bazaar shopping experience last sat with this girl!
Shevin! its was my most enjoyable bazaar
right place in right person
i’ve been to many many but i always come back with not vy satisfied mood
not because of i brought nothing just that kinda weird feeling
i dunno..ya im a weirdo i know
some bazaar held at clubs which i think its way too dark for shopping..
some bazaar had too many many vintage stuff and too little crowd which make u paiseh to shop
some bazaar got too many crowd but too many people smoking and drinking..
but chic pop 3 is perfect enough light source! and wider space to walk around!
forget the hot and sweaty part..
chic4 chic5
shopping kaki..
freebies of the day
so nice right this dress..only 30 buck! worth very single cents!
flora top: Topshop
vintage short: Tea & Sympathy
flat: JB, Vintage suitcase: Trendreports.
and my cute bunny wire hairband: Trendy Confession
with shevin..
and Miss ocd
she so tall right and model figure!
wow..i look like carton in between them!
and Yasmin.. another tall girl! so glad to meet you..girl! u’re gorgeous!
chic11 chic12
and our buy of the day..both of us brought a bag each!
satisfied! all are good bargain! luckily i hv shevin she help me to bargain a lot!
if im with bf or sister i dare not lo..seriously..
saw that pretty straw bag? it from Vivace Cabin
always wanted a straw bag!
decent picture of us..
love how baby c produce photo we have nice complexion and
most important! no photoshop needed..
thx dear for the day.. hope u enjoy it too ya
Thanks tic too for such a good bazaar..

oh ya im selling my version of the wired hairband..anyone interested?
in 2 yummy color..

20 thoughts on “Chic Pop :D

  1. had d same feeling so,wish i can go the bazzar too..nt sempit sempit & gelap gelap that kind..haha
    coz the junk sale at jb here was on night one..
    so dark & so crowded..difficult to stop down for more details view for each store.


  2. awwh~ you're so cute! and sweet lar
    love your love always ver decent and sweet! hope i can meet you one day take picture with you! i am your fans!


  3. Ketty: the vintage bag actually for sales last year no more stock liao de..paiseh!
    thanks dear for the compliment! im kinda too old for cute ler..hahha

    Zoe: hi dear..its a bazaar organize by chic pop..

    Christine: yes! so good to hv somebody with the same thought! oh u're from jb? i heard of the junk sale at the old shop lot there right? some more night is dangerous o!

    Ah eva: thanks..eva! 😀

    AManda:thx for ur compliment dear..haha


  4. awwwww u looked so cute!! n u more petite than i used to imagine! may i know ur height? hope it's not too offensive to ask.


  5. you look so kawaii~like those jap girls! I'm opposite of you coz I'm too tall to be cute hahaha. love your straw bag!! ❤


  6. super pretty lar you!

    I saw you that day on chic pop but shy to call you since you are busy shopping with your friend.

    anyway now i regret not to say hi to you already!
    good purchase, agree chic pop 4 is good!


  7. peiyun: thanks peiyun! for the compliment! shinny? haha how shinny?

    Angel: hi Angel!thanks dear no im not tat pretty as those jap girl in magazine.. tall is good! can do lotsa stuff! not like me! how i wish to be tall! 😦

    Joyjoyce: thanks joyce! love your nails!hehe

    Bee: vivace cabin jual de TR is going to jual too..yala ratan bag punya inner part seems to be easily spoil 1 ler..

    Qi wei: arh why not say hi to me! and take pic! i nvr meet you.and c your pic so its good to say hi to me ya!


  8. like sparkling ^^
    haha u wish to be tall meh??
    tall not always good u know
    me opposite.. so wish to be cute like u
    hehe 😀


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