Can Can II

Finally its the promised post
monday no blue for today coz this week is gonna be only 4 working days..
finally there’s another ‘friliday’
im struggle with wht caption to write with the photo
let me show you the magic of can can

outfit: lace jacket: Room 8008, nude short: Ugly duckling

and the heel i brought for half a year and nvr got a chance to wear..
these are the pictures without the hat
my hair look so flat right

the can can that i choose to match with the outfit


see the different?


i think look better with it hat on
flower can can
sometimes i feel i look too cute with the fridge..
im too old to act cute anymore..sob
since my forehead is fully recover i can have side bang again!

at least with the help of can can i look more mature
outfit: denim shirt: Sunway, flora bodycon tank: Topshop

how?can can is so loveable and easy to match right?oh ya all pictures above taken by myself with the help of wireless controller!love it to max..
hope u like this post..:D

click on to pre-loved site!!

16 thoughts on “Can Can II

  1. OMMMGGGG you take all the photograph by yourself? super cool! so tempted to get the controller but i need a dslr first i think! awesome outfit photo! can see you put a lot effort.

    Mei yen


  2. Meiyen:yes dear the remote control is genius! but there are some compact camera in the market have the controller too!

    bee: yes dear me too hv the same prob..tat the only outfit i can think of to match with it!sad


  3. Great picture wei! When u turn ur hse to a photo studio huh? So pro can! Wei why not take couple photo with this kinda background? Will be very studio'ish!! Faster take let me see. And don't remember to credit to me!


  4. Christine: hello there its around 70-80 for my EOS 550 ya..:D thanks for the compliment! u sell great stuff too!

    Perasan Ashley: haha yalo even my mum is use to it! coz i do it in her room! yalo nvm tot of c whether some one wan to pei he ornot lo! if take sure credit persan ashley! haha miss u!find me find job there lar! i dun wan b cheap labour here d!


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