my blogging mojo is back
thanks to u guys who reading it! hehe and thanks to the new camera ney is more wiling to take picture for me now
i got so many pending post waiting to be publish
im struggling with which one to be post 1st
our weekend is always pack with lotsa activities sometimes just hate myself when i come to sunday night..coz weekend is even tired for me!
so last weekend we visited i-city shah alam for more bokeh experiment!
but this post is full of my photo..hehe.. i-city itself can divided into 3 post
me, mian mian (our new friend) and bokeh-heart
so if u dun like to c my photo just ignore this post
icity7 icity8
i dunno y i always smile like tat so ugly i know
but love this close up shot with the blur lighting background
i-city is all about light! it should be call light-city
i like when the light is not yet switch on
personally think its better to visit this place before sunset..
get what i mean
just like a colorful bushes which create a vy diff feeling
coz at night we cant really take nice photo without flash..
again its me..:D
outfit of the day
batwing top: blueberry, bangsar
peach short, vintage flat: JB
oh ya that’s my new hair cut? haha any different?
i love this hair coz my very genius hairsylist safe me from continue overheat my hair with hot curler
now i can say bye bye to it and have natural curl in and healthy hair end everyday!
That’s it..promised can can hat outfit post will be the next one..:D

19 thoughts on “light-city

  1. Peiyun: Hi dear 'mojo' in single word means something magic or spritual (source from net) but 'blogging mojo' im refering here is like semangat to blog..ehhe.paiseh make u confuse bit..


  2. Super hype outfit my dear! actually saw it first in your lookbook but forget to comment! so 'japanish casual'! keke got this kind of description of not?


  3. how can i have those fashion sense like all of u?
    wanna have outfit post,
    but my style dun have such 'feel'….

    anyway, i-city looks great without lights on!~


  4. bee: Dear have ur own style mah! i like how u dress too! every single piece like vy pretty coz u're so slim!! post ur outfit too!!! yaya without lights on is better right..

    BB_hwiyee: thanks sweets for you compliment!


  5. hi kim~ i'm a reader of your blog from singapore! (: love your style very much! can i know how the stylist curl your hair..isit considered perm? I tried to do it like yours but the curl is not obvious..just slight curl in..):


  6. Angel: hello angel, Thanks im glad that you love my style… actually my stylist didn't do any chemical perm for me he just trim the shape and teach me how to blow it with avoid me from continue using hot curler which spoil my hair.. with hair dryer itself it give me curl in effect which is more natural!wht i do is set it with hairdyer everyday and the curl will be there..
    hope its help..:D


  7. Oh I see..but how do you blow dry with hairdryer? Using a brush to blow in? Coz i find it hard to hold brush in one hand and another to hold the hairdryer lol. Did you apply hair wax to set the curls? Thanks babe! ^^


  8. Angel: yes dear a rounded comb brush and blow inward with hair dryer with hot wind then cold at the end to set the curl..ill do a simple tutorial sooner k? no i din apply hair wax but some moisturizer. welcome dear..:D


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