Can Can

Can can hat is so so hot this spring..
i had one which i brought from cotton on here*
but its not so much like a can can the shape is more to a fedora straw hat
so i decided to get one but it was so expensive..
until i saw mizu closet update.
this is the 1st i tought of buying but after further though
i go for this i know the ribbon doesn’t look nice and match with the hat
so i ask the seller whether the ribbon can be taken off and yes she said
so here come mine version of diy can can hat

Can can 1
with a simple black ribbon
its the typical can can

Can can 2
Flower Can can
it is my flower hairband that i got from lah lah land long long time ago

Can Can 3
lacey lace! got the lace from some random tailor shop for RM2
so feminine and girly..

Can can 4
White eyelet bow plus lace!
my favorite..:D

Can can 5
does it look familiar to you?
its the vintage belt i always pair with skirt..yes! belt on can can
look great ain’t it?

Can Can 6
go for luxuries one..
pearl necklace on can can! haha..dunno when ill wear it!

with 1 hat 6 different feel and mood to match with different types of outfit..:D
i love my can can..
which one is your favorite?

oh ya..i took some outfit pictures with the hat too..will post it in my next entries

wonder why im so free on monday? mc, been having fever on and off for 5 days
just done my blood test this morning and Thanks God is not dengue or other critical disease
Doctor say i just need to rest and stay indoor and and most importantly away from work!
haha..i love my doctor..:D
ok im off to bed

13 thoughts on “Can Can

  1. lovelovelove!!!! i wanted to get it so badly! but thought of getting it at Taiwan….:p n it looks super nice on u! especially the last photo…but y so small…hahah i can only see it by open it on another tab :p


  2. Wah nice post! Love all the can can especially the one with lace! U're so clever! Hope to see ur outfit photo with the hat soon. Recover soon!


  3. Sherlyn: ya Taiwan must be cheaper and nicer!!! 忍! i wan to go taiwan oso..:( when r u goi?? remember to give us lotsa advice and recommendation!haha coz its a sneak i make vy vy small!!! more pic next post ya!

    Fion: Thanks're Fion Tan right? thanks for your vy sweet email! thanks thanks..will post it sooner k i got lotsa pending post! my uhm of posting is back!


  4. Bee: okok..sooner..hhehe but mayb other post 1st..lotsa pending post ler..

    Anonymous: thanks dear..thanks for dropping by!

    Yasmine: Thanks love~


  5. The hat so chio I oso want!
    You're super creative, can come up with all those fancy fancy ideas, hahah!

    Can't wait to see more of your outfit posts 😉


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