Bokeh ♥

what is bokeh? hhah actually i dun really know how to pronounce it..
the pic above is bokeh effect..nice not?
its not photo shop editing.. or any software
all picture original photo directly transfer out from dslr!
i love this and i wanna master in this effect
now i only can take night scene with lighting all around to create it
without any object..all i need is a flash
but im too broke to buy one..hahha ill figure a way..:D

Interested?you can create yourself!
what you need is a dslr..haha no pic of the new baby..we are too rely on it
and abandon my compact camera..
you need 50mm lens..a basic yet cheap lens for us the beginner..
and diy your lense! with a cut-out shape on it!
of coz you’ll need a full tutorial

random pic from the nice right..
again..i’m gonna master in this!hehe

oh ya i brought something cool for our baby c!
its a wireless remote!
say no to timer! haha.. i hate timer especially taking group photo
the poor photographer always very tension running thru and forth to check and take pic!
with this device! no longer need any any ppl running or left out anyone in a group pic!
oh ya its good for cam whore too.. hehe

okie that all of my saturday morning sharing~
little update of myself
still havent recover from sick..been 3 days..from ney’s bdae till today
all plan canceled..coz im too weak to go out
no matter what i ate ill thrown out.. feeling dizzy and fever on off..
if today my body appear rashes i gotta say hi to Dengue..
hopefully i can recover sooner and spend my weekend with him and my family..
God please heal’re my healer..
Blessed weekend!

6 thoughts on “Bokeh ♥

  1. Vialentino:hello there er..ya kinda into photo..wah u have a group for photography huh..
    btw thanks for dropping by..:D

    BB_hwiyee: Thanks girl.:D


  2. Fong yee: RM70 only..:D really fun! i love this..
    ya ar..but im still learning to shoot it with object in front any idea?..wah flash light! i oso wan but im too broke to save..:(


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