"Mummy" Day

i have to force myself to blog more!
try to blog updated stuff rather than outdated one..
coz i write to keep a memory..not for others reason..

Happy Mothers to all the mother out there…
we had a little celebration for our super mom..

this year we rather than cracking our head to prepare present
we decide to treat her a good meal..

and me again..hahha

is good to bring my little sis out with camera for her to play around

ill have lotsa nice picha!

love the baby 550’s picture quality and color! everyone can take proffesional photograph now..


then dad treat us dessert at snowflake
its been sometimes for me to join the family for dinner and outing!
hope we can plan a trip this year


Hope she enjoy the night..

She is the one who we depend, rely and love.. she sacrifice everything just for us, her children…She is great She is my mum..i Thanks God for giving me a mum like her who can cook so well, guide us so well, and take care of us so well!

Thanks mummy..
love you..


denim shirt: sunway, white tank: cotton on, stripes bodycon skirt: Room8008, brown vintage flat: JB


our new shoe..super love this flat!

random picture of me and my super tall brother!

Happy Mothers days..

5 thoughts on “"Mummy" Day

  1. nice combination of outfit! love how casual and stylish it is! you're really good! Happy mothers day to your mother!


  2. Hi,officially saying Hi here after reading your blog for quite a while. Wanna let you know that I really like your blog template design and the way you edit your pictures!

    and and, You are a pretty gal =)


  3. Kim,

    I love your blog… It's so feminine and sweet. I think it's great that you found a relationship with God and I wish you luck on your spiritual growth.

    Love the Mothers Day Post.

    Your fashions and hair are gorgeous!



  4. Janice: thanks girl..:D

    Ying Ying: hello! thanks for all the compliments..:D you're pretty too..
    and nice blog you have..

    Stephanie:Hi there. thanks and glad that you like kiminpink..
    Take care..:D


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