Good on me

took these picha quite sometimes ago but no time to blog
“no times” is always my best excuse..but its truth ok
weekend gotta work, midnight gotta work..
im mentally and physically tired..
and know i can blog coz i got half day leave from doing midnight work last night..
Why why is working life so hard for me?
anyway i suppose to share some good stuff rather than complaining about my life
saw this in a magazines few months ago
Guardian are selling wanted to give it a try
the lotion was good.. very refreshing and give immediate result..(skin become smoother)
haha every times after i apply ill ask some one to touch my skin..siao right?
very common facial wash..but i found it really good
coz its deeply cleanse pores..
at very very reasonable price..:D
nice3 copy
brought this BB cream since last november
always wanted to share but too lazy..
my colleague once ask me whether i heard about BRTC BB cream and i say no
so i googled and found lotsa good review about it some even say its the best bb cream
so i order it online for my colleague and myself immediately
both of us agree its good.. kinda costly if compare with other brand
but its worthy..
my pimple this cream from my cousin who work part time in a pharmacy
he say lotsa customer say its good..and cheap!
yes indeed its working on me..dry up pimples very fast
and its only RM8 haha..can you imagine?

i think now my skin go thru a transformation like snake
coz its started peeling off skin..from forehead and now to the eye part
i dunno whether its good or not..
ok that all..:D
have a great week..

11 thoughts on “Good on me

  1. Kim how much is the hada labo products? Wanna try but a little bit skeptical due to the heavy advertisements everywhere.. Haha! But since you say it's good then I am more willing to try 😛


  2. Kim. would you share with us the BB cream price and website ? My skinfood bb cream is going to finish and i tried the Skin79 BB cream from my friend but is too white for my skin. Look like ghost @.@


  3. Ping: haha but this month im so uncertain with my weekend plan but ok i set 21 with u ok??? really?cant wait to get the clothes..i got nth to wear liao..

    sharon: the lotion around 30+ smth i guess the facial wash is 19+ ..:D haha really? but ur skin is so good d!! no need lar..

    ketty: dear i forget the site d coz quite sometimes but i give u her email ok mah? mayb u can try to email her or smth ya!
    haha really? i nvr try that but this is vy natural i can say and they have variety of bb cream for different skin problem.. 😀


  4. Bu ke yi! My skin is very terrible these days because I sleep in the morning (yes, morning T_T) due to exams and my timing all messed up 😦
    I have large pores and combination skin so you have no idea hahhaha… looks ok in pics cos it's too far, not noticeable!


  5. hada labo is good for many of my frensss…
    but not me
    the 1st wik i used was ok,
    2nd wik started to get reddish on face d…

    the ginvera pimple cream fullname is ginvera spot cream?


  6. Sharon:wow sleep in the morning huh! better take care ya dear after exam sleep kao kao..coz now i realize sleep b4 12 is so so so important!!! haha..btw i still think u look pretty!

    bee: really? arh that's sad.. nvm lo try to find other suitable product then.. yes that's the full name

    sweetiegem: heelo there, i was sometimes ago..but now ownership belong to my sister..:D

    Lynnete: hello pretty..watson and other common drug dun have it coz i try to search it thr..mayb some pharmacy sell it..:D


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